If there's one thing we can expect from season 7 of "NCIS: Los Angeles", it is daddy issues. And this storyline will revolve around Callan. When the new season premieres on 21 September, we can expect a doubt-ridden Callan, as he tries to understand his family's buried secrets.

Fans of the show will remember that Hetty lied to Callan about the details surrounding his father's death in season 6. Nevertheless, this will be resolved in season 7, as show-runners have finally decided to give the agent a sense of closure.

The main plot of this season involves Callan, his father's death, and team mates Hetty and Sam. In the premiere episode, Callan meets a person from his past who furnishes details about his dad. As the story moves further, Callan becomes reclusive and hardly talks to his team mates.

Executive Producer Shane Brennan told TV Guide that Callan goes a little "rogue."

"The very heart of what this show is is Callan's search for his family," he added, "We are stepping closer and closer to finally giving Callan closure," he said.

According to CBS, Hetty demands that Callan be tracked and stopped from continuing his operations. "Therefore, Sam, Kensi, Marty and the entire team will be tasked with the mission to locate Callan and put a stop to his investigations," reports Design and Trend.

The crime thriller takes on a chilling narrative as friends become foes. In Callan's case, he is cornered and fired at by Hetty and Sam. But will he find his dad first?

"NCIS: Los Angeles" season 7 premieres on Monday, 21 September, on CBS.

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