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The 2013 NCAA football season is about to reach its halfway point, and on Week 7, many teams saw their rankings improve, while others stayed where they are. The Associated Press polls are a traditionally accurate measure of each team's strength and is reliable as a predictor of who gets into the championship game and the different bowl games that happen between December and January.

Another ranking system is the Coaches' Ranking, which is based on votes from all active Football Bowl Subdivision head coaches weekly. It shares the same prestige as that of the Associated Press and directly influences the final standings of the Bowl Championship Series. With only a few weeks to go in the NCAA football regular season, every game weekend counts, and each won or lost game will determine if a team will go to the championship game, or one of the lesser bowl games.

The Coaches' Poll is supplemented by the Harris Interactive Poll in determining the BCS championship contenders. The Harris Poll is released after Week 7; for the 2013-14 season, the Week 7 Harris Poll rankings closely match the Associated Press rankings.

The defending BCS champion, the Alabama Crimson Tide, has been ranked #1 since the start of the season. Other teams crowding them out for the top spot are Oregon, Clemson and Ohio State. Did your team move, or did it stay in place? How will the next weekend's game affect your team? There is a lot of football to be played, and a lot of rankings will change in the weeks leading up to Dec 1.