Roy Hibbert
Roy HibbertReuters

After everything that has happened in the town of Ferguson in the last few weeks, it was a photo that America definitely needed to see. After intense hostility between communities and the police department, NBA star Roy Hibbert tweeted a heart-warming photo proving that there is still some good left in this evil world.

Pacers star player Hibbert posted a photo of a police officer in Indianapolis who gave a pair of boots to a homeless man on the roadside.

The man was holding a sign - a pair of boots - and he got one from the police officer. Hibbert captured the moment while he was stuck in traffic.

However, at first the homeless man thought the police officer was going to give him a ticket, according to Indianapolis RTV6.

"I've never met an unkind person on the street. They know I don't mean them any harm," he added.

After witnessing the kind act, the Pacers went to the police department to search for the man with such a kind heart. Hibbert said he wanted to appreciate his kindness by giving him few tickets.

The homeless man shook his head in disbelief and appeared to thank the officer, Hibbert told BuzzFeed.

"He just walked back into his car and drove away."

Not all police officers are what you hear about in Ferguson," he said. "This type of stuff you don't hear about too often."