Tim Duncan
San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan shoots the ball against the Oklahoma City Thunder.Reuters

The San Antonio Spurs overpowered the Oklahoma City Thunder 112-77 in Game 2 to take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference finals at the AT&T Center on Wednesday night.

Oklahoma City started the game strongly and looked defensively more compact in the first quarter. The Thunder scored the first five points of the game, before finishing the first quarter with a 26-24 lead.

The Spurs got their acts together in the second quarter and built a 55-44 lead with a minute to go to halftime. A three-pointer in the closing stages of the first half extended San Antonio's lead to 58-44.

In the third, San Antonio played well on both sides of the court and extended the lead to 76-50, as the Thunder remained scoreless midway into the third quarter for two minutes.

San Antonio went into the final quarter with a 19-point advantage. The lead was too big for the OKC Thunder to haul back and and San Antonio pulled further away to complete a comrehensive win.

"We just did our job. We won our first two games at home and I'm sure they're going to go back and say we have to do our job and win two games at home," Spurs guard Tony Parker said.

Oklahoma's Kevin Durant said the team needs to remain focused after losing two games in a row. "If they had won this game by one point, we'd still be down 0-2," Durant said. "[We] lost by a lot two games in a row. It's hard for you to stay together, but we have a group of guys that are not front-runners and we'll figure it out."

Oklahoma's coach Scott Brooks is hopeful his team will bounce back in Game 3 after a disappointing loss against San Antonio.

"It definitely doesn't feel good and it shouldn't," Brooks said. "I hope our locker doesn't feel good. You shouldn't feel good. We got our butts kicked. But we have a good opportunity to come back and win Game 3."

San Antonio's Danny Green, who finished with 21 points and three rebounds, urged his teammates to remain focused as they might not get easy victories in the forthcoming ties.

"Manu [Ginobli] said it's a dangerous win but I believe in our group," Green said. "I believe that we have the maturity, the character and the experience to stay focused and not take this win to head."

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