Kobe Bryant Lakers Johnson-Odom
Kobe Bryant talks to LA Lakers teammate Johnson-Odom during the NBA preseason game against Golden State Warriors in Beijing, October 15Reuters

Los Angeles Lakers will look to bounce back against Golden State when the two sides meet in Shanghai, after the Warriors beat the Lakers in the first exhibition game in Beijing on Tuesday.

Golden State got the better of the Lakers 100-95 and Mark Jackson's side with their sweet shooters, led by Stephen Curry, will be confident of another win in Shanghai on Friday, as they head into the regular season as one of the sides favourite to make the playoffs from the Western Conference.

Curry scored 24 points for the Warriors on Tuesday, and is of little worry, but Golden State is sweating a little over the future of center Andrew Bogut, although contract talks have started with the Australian.

Bogut, who will be a free agent at the end of the season if he does not sign a new deal with the Warriors, said the initial offer from the Warriors was "not insulting, But they weren't what I'm looking for. Nothing concrete has been actually formally written up. We've just been going back and forth, but nothing too crazy."

The center expects talks to carry on after the game on Friday and is hopeful of a positive resolution, but he said he will not accept a heavy incentive-based contract due to the injuries that he has suffered in recent seasons.

"Just based on the fact that my last two injuries I can't control," Bogut told NBA.com. "If these were chronic injuries from lack of conditioning or not working out in the summer or being a fat slob, I can understand the caution.

"But would I do things to the extent that Andrew Bynum's done with his contract? Hell no. The clauses that he has, there's no chance I would sign a contract. But basically having game incentives -- whatever the number is, 60, 70, whatever it is --- I have no problem. I think that's only fair.

"California state tax plays a big part in things. But first and foremost, I want to be here. I do want to be here. But under the right circumstances obviously."

The Lakers will again be without Kobe Bryant, as Mike D'Antoni looks for ways to fill the huge hole if the superstar fails to get ready by the start of the regular season.

Where to watch

The game is scheduled for a 5 p.m. (IST) start with no live telecast.