Satnam Singh
Satnam Singh will rub shoulders with top players of the NBA next season.IMG Academy

Satnam Singh, who became the first Indian-born player to be drafted into the NBA, realised his hero status in the country as soon as the 7ft 2in giant landed in India, with the Dallas Mavericks center surrounded by fans at the airport.

Satnam Singh was not a popular figure in Indian sports, but when Dallas Mavericks took the lanky star as the 52nd overall pick in the NBA Draft 2015, his life changed drastically.

"My life has completely changed since my name was declared in the draft night in New York on June 25. Everything is happening so, so quickly that I still don't realize that this is happening to me. I just feel happy to be here and wish to make it big in NBA," Times of India quoted Satnam Singh as saying

It is no mean achievement for Satnam to be drafted by a NBA franchise, which are primarily dominated by players from the US and the other basketball-playing nations.

But, Satnam Singh will have to work hard to get into the Mavericks team and make his mark in the NBA.

The Dallas Mavericks trainers and coaches are giving special attention to the player and improving upon various aspects of his game to help him become an elite-level NBA player. During the summer league as well, Satnam was given game time, but he still needs to work hard and create an impression, to be included in the Mavericks team for next season, which starts later in the year.

Initially, Satnam might not make it directly to the main team, but he can surely work his way up, especially by performing in the NBA's developmental D-league, where he is expected to gain healthy experience and come out as a better player.

While Satnam Singh wants to play in the first team of the Mavericks immediately, he understands the tough task ahead of him.

"My main goal now is to seal a place in the main Mavericks team and play in the NBA. I know it's hard. But it is not impossible. I don't do anything else. I eat. I sleep. I train. That is it," said Satnam.