EA Sports' newest offering in simulation basketball, NBA Live 16, is expected to be released on 29 September, but it is already out for EA Access members on Xbox One. It has made news for being a glitch game after the demo was released, and now its developer, EA Sports, has given its first title update.

EA promised in its post on the official website that the game will be addressing more than 200 issues. It further said, "These improvements are part of our commitment to delivering great gameplay and an amazing place to play basketball online with your friends."

It also revealed that it will be releasing a new content update that will be fixing issues that were seen in the free demo, like the glitches.

Below are the patch notes of the title update for NBA Live 16 (EA Sports):


  • General stability improvements to correct desync.
  • Hoop Dome objective unlock update.
  • Fixed issue where users aren't given certain achievements in Summer Circuit.
  • Addressed Matchmaking issue where users were unable to find opponent in H2H.
  • Addressed general functionality issues.
  • View Skills adjustment in LIVE Run to match actual Skill Levels.
  • Addressed issue where player avatars are not showing up in the lobbies when users join a Pro-AM lobby.


  • Addressed softlock when trying to play Tip Off after accessing Playbooks.


  • Modify stepback gather inputs to avoid conflict with spin gather.
  • Enabled pump fakes on inside shots.
  • Fix for AI not completing up and under sequence.
  • General emotion tuning for more variety.
  • Handoff indicator tuning.
  • Animation adjustments to backdown and denial catches.
  • Corrected incorrect defensive indicator colors to display during gameplay.

Fans guffawed by glitches

The number of glitches in the free demo version of NBA Live 16 has had fans shocked but later it cracked up some of the gamers as they are genuinely funny.

EA has promised it will be fixing these before the game is out on 29 September for PS4 and Xbox One.

Below are some of the glitch videos that have surfaced online:

king Dione
Potatoz Bruh
Xavier D
KiddNick H
Son N