After Dallas Mavericks and DeAndre Jordan verbally agreed on a four-year deal on 3 July, Mavs fans were pleased and were waiting for the next season to start with Jordan playing one of the leading roles.

But, fans and the people associated with the franchise were hit hard as Jordan made a U-turn and backed out of the agreement two weeks ago. Jordan decided to re-sign for the Los Angeles Clippers with whom the NBA star has enjoyed some great success since joining the franchise in 2008.

Jordan finally explained his reasons for staying with the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuedsay, despite Dallas Mavericks' promise of an important role for him in the team.

"Originally with Dallas, I thought I wanted change," Associated Press quoted Jordan as saying.

"I wanted a bigger role and more responsibility, and I was ready to embrace and accept that challenge. But [when] I got by myself and I was able to think about everything that just happened, I realised that being with the Clippers was the best decision for me."

After having signed a new deal with the Clippers, the center wants to remain with the franchise for the rest of his career.

"I really thought about being on one team for my entire career," said Jordan.

"That was really important to me. I've been here, and the past few seasons I've had have been pretty successful. I also feel like personally, I know the city. I know the fans. I'm used to the city of L.A., and I love it here."

There were even rumours during the time stating that the some big names of the LA Clippers went over to Jordan's home and insisted the player re-sign for the Clippers.

"First of all, it wasn't a hostage situation," LA Times quoted Jordan as saying in jest. "I feel like I'm a pretty big guy, and I don't think they can lock me."

Along with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, Jordan is one of the most respected players in the Clippers team and re-signing him will increase the franchise's chances of winning the NBA title.