NBA 2K16
NBA 2K16 is scheduled for release on 29, September, 2015.Facebook

2K's NBA 2K16 is now out on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One since 29 September; critics and players are loving the feel of it.

The new game that simulates professional basketball is a continuation of the NBA 2K series. The game has received favourable reviews from many and its metascore in Metacritic was 87.

"Perfected gameplay and an abundance of addicting modes make NBA 2K16 a heavyweight contender for the greatest sports game ever made," said a review in We Got This Covered.

The game offers players MyCareer mode, which is a story-driven campaing. Director Spike Lee was involved in the development of this mode. It allows players to start their story from high-school, heading to college and eventually entering the ranks of NBA. This mode allows players to create their own players and has several customisation options.

Players will have to follow a path that will let them have better connections and attributes cap and hence the guide below, courtesy Gamepur.

Rachel DeMita

  • Fan Bonus 125,000
  • 500 VC
  • Nba2kTV interview

Kawhi Leonard

  • Legendary Work Ethic Badge
  • Spurs away practice jersey
  • Signed Jersey for myCourt

Jimmy Butler

  • Laid Back Badge
  • Chicago Bulls Ball for MyCourt
  • Jim Butler MyTEAM card

John Wall

  • keep it real Badge
  • John Wall Signature Shoe
  • John Wall MyTEAM card

Jackson Ellis

  • Fan Bouns 100,000
  • 500 VC
  • Signed Jersey for MyCourt

Kyrie Irving

  • Cav myCourt Floor Package
  • kyrie Jump shot animation
  • Singed Jersey for Mycourt

Shawn Kemp

  • Fan Bonus 125,000
  • Uber-Athletic Tomahawks off two dunk package
  • Sonics Classic Home Jersey

Kobe Bryant

  • Mind game Badge

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • Fan Bonus 150,000
  • Lakers Classic Away Jersey

Russell Westbrook

  • 200 VC
  • Clothing Item Shirt
  • Russell Westbrook signature shoe

Ronnie 2K

  • Fan Bonus 100,000
  • 2k Mocap Appearance and Magazine cover
  • NBA 2k17 Cover Athlete

Al Horford

  • Fan Bonus 50,000
  • Al Free throw animation
  • Al Myteam card

Al Jefferson

  • 100 VC
  • Hornets Away Practice Jersey
  • Al Jefferson Myteam Card

Andrew Wiggins

  • Twolves myCourt floor Package
  • Athletic Onehanders off one dunk package
  • Andrew Wiggins my team card

Blake Griffin

  • Blake pregame rim hang animation
  • Signed Jersey

Brook Lopez

  • Nets mycourt floor package
  • Brook Lopez Free Throw Animation
  • Brook Lopez myTeam card

Chris Bosh

  • Friendly Badge
  • Chris Bosh free throw animation Chris Bosh myTeam card

Damian Lillard

  • Fan Bonus 50,000
  • Damian Lillard Jump shot
  • Chain Nets for MyCourt

Deandre Jordan

  • Swagger Badge
  • Clippers Mycourt floor package
  • Deandre myTEAM card

Demar Derozan

  • Raptors mycourt floor package
  • Windmills off one dunk package
  • Demar Derozan myTeam card

Demarcus Cousins
200 VC

Dwight Howard

  • 200 VC
  • DH Pre-game animation
  • Under Basket athletic Flushes dunk package

Eric Bledsoe

  • Suns Mycourt package
  • Suns Away Practice jersey
  • Eric Bledsoe myTeam card

Gatorade CEO

  • 500VC
  • 800 VC
  • 1000 VC

Giannis Antetokounmpo

  • Bucks myCourt package
  • Friendly badge
  • gA myTeam Card

Gordon Hayward

  • Fan Bonus 50,000
  • Jazz Away Practice Jersey
  • Gordon Hayward Myteam card

Greg Monroe

  • Milwaukee Bucks ball for Mycourt
  • 200 VC
  • Bucks Away Practice Jersey

Isaiah Thomas

  • Celtics mycourt package
  • IT free throw animation
  • IT myteam Card

Jordan CEO

  • 500 VC
  • 800 VC
  • 1000 VC

Julius Erving

  • Fan Bonus 150,000
  • Cradle Dunk Package
  • Dr. J singed Jersey

Kevin Love

  • 200 VC
  • kL free throw animation
  • Kevin Love myteam Card

Klay Thompson

  • Warriors Mycourt package
  • KT Jump shot
  • KT myTeam card

Kyle Lowry

  • Raptors Away Practice Jersey
  • Camouflage Ball for mycourt
  • Kyle Lowry myTeam card

Mike Conley

  • Grizzlies mycourt floor package
  • MC free throw animation
  • MC myTeam card

Nerlens Noel

  • Fan Bonus 50,000
  • 76ers mycourt Package
  • NN myteam Card

Paul Pierce

  • 200 VC
  • Clothing Accessory Handband
  • Paul Pierce myTeam card

Roy Hibbert

  • 200 VC
  • Lakers Away Practice Jersey
  • Roy Hibbert MyTeam Card

Rudy Gay

  • kings Mycourt floor Package
  • Rg jump shot animation
  • Rg myTeam card

Rudy Gobert

  • 200 VC
  • Black Rim for myCourt
  • Rg myTeam card

Shaquille O'Neal

  • 200 VC
  • Big Man Scratchers Dunk Package

Team Owner

  • Choose intro music and personal arena soundtrack
  • game day jersey selection
  • 1,000 VC

Tony Parker

  • Friendly Badge
  • Tony Parker jumps shot animation
  • Tony Park myTeam card

Tracy McGrady

  • Fan Bonus 125,000
  • Rockets classic away jersey
  • Athletic 360s dunk package

Ty Lawson

  • Fan Bonus 50,000
  • 200 VC
  • Rockets Away Practice Jersey

Tyson Chandler

  • Fan Bonus 50,000
  • Suns away practice jersey
  • Tyson Chandler MyTeam Card

Victor Oladipo

  • Magic Mycourt package
  • Clutch reverses off two dunk package
  • Victor Oladipo my team card

Derek Rose

  • Bulls MyCourt Floor Package
  • Derek Rose Jump Shot Animation
  • Derek Rose Signature Shoe

Adidas CEO

  • 500 VC
  • 800 VC
  • 1000 VC

Chris Paul

  • Mind games badge
  • CP3 Jump shot
  • Singed Jersey MyCourt

Gary Payton

  • 200 VC
  • Sonic Away Jersey
  • Signed Jersey for myCourt

MyNBA2K16 Available on iOS and Android

MyNBA2K16 is the companion app for NBA 2K16. It expands the experience and features new cards and bigger events. It has now been released on iOS and Android platforms.

It features cover athlete Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. This app was developed by Cat Daddy Games and Visual Concepts.

This app will allow players to connect to the consoles part of the game and will allow them mobility but they can always be in touch with what is happening in the game. It also lets players earn Virtual Currency and enter locker codes for NBA 2K16. It also lets them connect to various modes in the game. They can also pick their fresh gear from the 2K Sports Store.

Now, thanks to a new Goals system, users of the app will be able to earn rewards via this app.

MyNBA2K16 also has a collectible game within it, called MyTEAM Mobile. This will allow users to do the following:

  • Collect your favourite NBA player cards
  • Challenge other competitors across the world in Quick Games, season tournaments and in-game special events
  • Boost stats with specialisation power-ups, charge stats and assign special abilities to any card
  • Customise cards like never before so every card feels unique