NBA 2K15
Kevin Durant to grace NBA 2K15 cover.Twitter

NBA 2K15 is an upcoming video game that is being developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It has already released the cover and gameplay trailer for the game.

It has also confirmed that Pharrell Williams, singer-songwriter will be curating the game; and Kevin Durant will be on the game's cover.

MyLeague Mode Announced

According to Steve Noah of Operation Sports, players will be able to control or add the following in their MyLeague experience:

  • Customized Rosters
  • Season length (14/29/58/82 games)
  • Play a single season or 80-year franchise
  • Postseason series lengths
  • Fantasy drafts
  • Salary cap (decide whether to have a cap or if there will be a hard cap)
  • Trade logic settings
  • General settings, including team chemistry, lineup management and prospect scouting
  • Difficulty settings
  • Trade negotiations difficulty
  • Contract negotiation difficulty
  • CPU re-signing aggressiveness
  • Morale difficulty and effects
  • Chemistry difficulty and effects
  • Trade frequency settings
  • Blockbuster-trade frequency
  • Injury effects
  • Draft-class quality (full customizing and editing of draft classes)
  • Full create-a-player option
  • Player-progression rate
  • In-season training effects
  • Player non-financial ambitions factor
  • Normalize play to simulate minutes
  • Manage or play with all teams

Though the mode is only offline, 2K has assured that it will be online. Players will be able to add classic/euroleague teams in MyLeague.

Top 5 Glitches Fans do not Want to See

YouTube user ShakeDown2012 speaks about some of the glitches in the NBA 2K14. He says that fans would not want to see them in NBA 2K15. Some of them are:

  • The character in the game suddenly starts clapping instead of passing the ball.
  • Player Wrapping - A character in the game suddenly falls down on the floor, but gets up the same way he falls and is the first to lead.
  • Dunks that are not counted - Some of the dunks that are undertaken by players are not counted.
  • Loose balls warping - Sometimes while dribbling even if the player looses the ball it comes straight back to him.
  • Removal of the Got Next feature - 2K must not include the Got Next feature. YouTube user advices that there is no need for this feature in the game.

(YouTube Courtesy: ShakeDown2012)

Fan Wishlist for NBA 2K15

Below are some of the fan wishlist for NBA 2K15 (2K Forums):

  • Main Menu Options: have a 3 point contest and Dunk Contests in the options.
  • Different voices in the storyline.
  • Shoe creator.
  • Bring back legends.
  • Player and team creator.
  • Change the scoreboard or better add a presentation options.
  • Real salary instead of Skill Points.
  • Add more options while editing the player like realistic faces and better tattoos.
  • Halftime report like EA did in NBA Live (NBA Live 2014).
  • Fix rebounding and blocking.
  • Bring back simple button controls.
  • Make rivalry games more competitve and exciting.
  • Make spin moves easier to control.
  • Ejections for hard fouls.
  • Too many jump shots getting blocked, it rarely happens in real life.
  • Smoother/quicker transitions from facing up to posting up and vice versa.
  • Updated rosters.
  • Bring back tactical menus.
  • GameFace

New Gameplay Trailer

2K Sports has released a new gameplay trailer for NBA 2K15. The short video shows Kevin Durant, the cover athlete for the game, leading the attack and dunking the ball in the basket.

The company has said that this new video showcases the "new animations" and "new crowd elements," in the game.

(YouTube Courtesy: NBA 2K)

Release Date

The game is expected to be rolling out on 7 October 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.