NBA 2K14
NBA 2K15 will be releasing on 7 October. (Representational Image)Facebook

Upcoming basketball game NBA 2K15 from developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Sports will reportedly get more voices for its MyPlayer Mode.

NBA 2K14 had included the actual voice of basketball star Lebron James in this mode, and it has been revealed that more voices will be added - a good news for fans.

MyPlayer mode is a story type mode that brings in a rival, Jackson Ellis. This mode was bolstered with the inclusion of James' voice. And since NBA 2K15 will see Kevin Durant gracing the cover of the video game, his voice will certainly be included in it.

Here are some athletes who have been confirmed to be recording for NBA 2K15 (NBA 2K4Life):

  • Al Jefferson
  • Al Horford
  • Andre Drummond
  • Andre Iguodala
  • Brandon Knight
  • Brook Lopez
  • Channing Fry
  • Gerald Wallace
  • Thaddeus Young
  • Trey Burke

Readers in Attack of the Fanboy have said that they would like to see the voices of Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Phil Jackson, Shaquille O'Neal and others.

Secret Project Teased by Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder star Durant has hinted in a tweet  that he has worked on a secret project for NBA 2K15 but has not revealed anything more about it.

Durant will not only feature on the cover of the game but will also be part of many videos on the game. Cardboard cut-outs of him have been seen in many video game stores, reported Attack of the Fanboy.

In NBA 2K14, James, who graced its cover was honored with his own specific game mode called "Path to Greatness", which would allow players to control him to win multiple NBA Championships.

No information has been available on such specific game modes for NBA 2K15.

Mini Basketball Set with NBA 2K15 on Pre-order

Players who pre-order NBA 2K15 will get a mini basketball set, which carries the signature of Durant.

This pre-order exclusive will have a mini basketball hoop with Durant's sign on the backboard and his name. The game is from EB Games and will be available for pre-orders from all the platforms. Also, it will be offered by all the retailers.

Currently, however, the offer is available only at EB Games stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Release Date

NBA 2K15 is scheduled to release on 7 October 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

NBA 2K15 Gets Scott O'Gallagher from NBA Live

Scott O'Gallagher, a designer from NBA Live and former professional basketball player, has accepted the offer from 2K Sports and has moved over to NBA 2K15, reported Good Game Bro.

O'Gallagher has worked on NBA Live 14 as a gameplay designer. It is not known how much input will he be bringing into NBA 2K15. NBA Live 14 was poorly received by critics despite having improved mechanics.

Both NBA 2K15 and NBA Live 15 will be releasing on 7 October 2014.