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NBA 2K14 might end up like the problematic Battlefield 4, as complaints from users regarding serves issues have been pouring in. However, NBA 2K14's official twitter account posted a message saying that it has sent out a server fix.

"Another server fix went in a few minutes ago and been getting tweets it's working. How are we doing?" the tweet read.

Players had earlier spoken about the issue on Twitter and the update had tried to fix most of the problems. But the servers are still said to be down and many are not yet able to connect their consoles. A regular search on Twitter with the keywords 'NBA 2k14' and 'server' displays all the tweets related to the problems by gamers of NBA 2K14.

Ronnie of 2K14 has advised the players to close the app if they face any trouble. "If you're having trouble with your MyPLAYER profile close the app/reboot. You should be good but recreating avatar doesn't affect anything," read one of his tweets.

"Been getting reports you may have to recreate your MyPLAYER avatar. Doesn't affect VC or save files so don't be afraid to do so if necessary"

With the holiday season unfolding,many players are catching up on their NBA 2K14, as they make new starts into their Associations, MyCareer, and MyPlayer modes. Loyal players were gifted with codes on Twitter so that they get more Virtual Currency (VC). 2K had said earlier that VC points can be used for many aspects of the game.

Many gamers labelled it as the best Christmas gift after it was given out on Twitter. Apart from releasing codes for players to get free 3,000 VC points, Ronnie also released time-bound code for 10,000 VC points.

How to Input VC Codes?

Below is the way to go about for inputting the codes, as noted in iDigital Times,  

  • Go to the main menu
  • Select Locker Codes
  • You will enter the NBA 2K14 Locker Code that you have
  • Go to Enter on the virtual keyboard and you will be your 3,000 VC points

Players must head to the codes. Both the codes are separate, one marked for current generation consoles, while the other for next-generation consoles. Both codes will be active until Monday, 30 December.

 Xbox One/PS4 Code:


Xbox 360/PS3 Code:


Once you have the money, you can head back to the game and do some quick business and start the game.