Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry will be another star player to watch this season.Reuters

The NBA 2016-17 season is just a few hours away, and the wait is over as some of the best players in the world will compete in the regular season, which will start on Tuesday and end on April 2017. Teams have conducted some smart business, bolstering their line up for the new season. 

There are several star players in top NBA teams, which makes the league even more special. Here is a look at some of the top stars, who are expected to set the NBA 2016-17 ablaze with their amazing skills on the basketball court. 

LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)

The Cavaliers star is one of the best players the world has ever seen, and he played an integral part in helping his team win the NBA title last season. He is the go-to man for the Cavs, and nothing will change going into this season, where his leadership skills need to come to the fore once again. LeBron has an all-round game, where he can drive in and come up with some big dunks, and also unleash his big three pointers from time to time, But he will also need strong support from Kyrie Irving and others to dominate the league once again. 

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Despite an incredible performance from Curry last season in the Playoffs, Curry was hurt following his loss in the NBA finals. This season will be revenge time for him as he will once again want to continue his dominant run in the league. The Warriors star is known for his three-point skills, and he has helped win several matches with such skills of his in the past. After an incredible last season, Curry will hope shine this season as well.

Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Westbrook must be on top of his toes throughout the season after the departure of Durant to Warriors. Westbrook will be under pressure to deliver, and the star, who has a strong character, can take his game a notch higher than last season. He loves to attack the basket and use his powerful game to shine in the NBA, which will once again be seen this season. Westbrook must push himself to the limit to help Thunder enjoy good success in the league this season. 

Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)

The 27-year old is a powerful player in the NBA, but Griffin has been troubled with injuries in the recent past, leading to his downfall and his team. There have been lot of rumours regarding the players' move to some other franchise, but the player is a Clippers man. The Clippers hierarchy will hope to see him play his A level game this season without getting injured, and provide stiff competition to teams like Cavaliers and Warriors.

Ben Simmons (Philadelphia 76ers)

It might not be fair to put Simmons in this bracket, which includes established stars, but this rookie has all the ammunitions in the bag to create a storm in the NBA and be a star in the near future. What makes him standout is his ability to play as a guard despite being 6 ft 8. Besides his scoring ability, which he will need to improve more, 76ers fans will love his handling skills, with his incredible passes being a thing to watch out for.