Nayanthara, acclaimed as the Lady Superstar, is set to grace the silver screen with her 75th film, "Annapoorani - The Goddess of Food," directed by debutant Nilesh Krishnaa. The recently released official trailer of the movie continues to captivate audiences, maintaining the perfect blend of entertainment and social relevance that Nayanthara is known for.

In the 2-minute and 24-second trailer, Nayanthara portrays the character of Annapoorani, a young woman with aspirations of becoming a chef. However, she hails from an Orthodox Brahmin family with a strong vegetarian tradition, and her father serves as the temple priest. Despite these constraints, Annapoorani embarks on a journey to follow her culinary dreams, enrolling in a culinary school and participating in a competition. The trailer hints at the challenges she faces, both internal and external, while pursuing her passion.


The narrative of "Annapoorani" delves into various social issues, including the societal stigma attached to individuals pursuing unconventional dreams, restrictions on food consumption dictated by religious practices, and the hurdles women encounter in breaking into male-dominated industries.


Nayanthara reunites with actor Jai in this film after their collaboration in Atlee's 2013 movie "Raja Rani." The ensemble cast also includes Redin Kingsley, Sathyaraj, Karthik Kumar, among others.

Produced by ZeeStudios, Trident Arts, and Naad Sstudios, "Annapoorani" boasts cinematography by Sathyan Sooryan, renowned for his work in films like "Kaithi" and "Master." Thaman S takes charge of the music, and Praveen Antony handles the editing.

As Nayanthara's milestone 75th film, "Annapoorani" promises to deliver a compelling cinematic experience, blending the essence of tradition with the pursuit of dreams.