Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reportedly asked his ministers and officials to refrain from making any statements against India that could affect the peace process. 

Sharif is said to be optimistic of India-Pakistan relations, and the Pakistani military also seeks peace in the region, an aide of the Pakistani prime minister told The Nation. 

The statement highlights the upward trend in India-Pakistan ties since the meeting between Sharif and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Paris on the sidelines of the climate summit, which paved the way for a meeting of the national security advisors meeting in Bangkok and Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj's visit to Pakistan. 

"There will be statements only that encourage the dialogue process rather than digging out the past. The PM has asked the close aides and cabinet members to promote peace," the Pakistani official told The Nation

Government officials also said the Pakistan army leadership shared a similar view with the prime minister on promoting peace with India. 

"There is no difference of opinion and both agree that there should be no compromise on the stated position on key issues," another official was quoted as saying. 

While relations between India and Pakistan had deteriorated due to breakdown of talks and frequent border skirmishes since last year, the diplomatic train has taken speed following recent developments. 

Swaraj, who briefed the Parliament this week on her Pakistan visit, said war was "not a solution" and that talks must be carried forward.