Navdeep Malik

A famous quote by highly popular American narrator Peter Thomas says "Exceptional results arrive only when exceptional people put in exceptional efforts. It never arises by good fortune or accident ". This assertion resonates across all professions, and individuals like Navdeep Malik serve as exemplars of how remarkable dedication yields remarkable results, particularly within the field of technology. Navdeep stands as a distinguished technology expert, whose contributions have significantly advanced the landscape of information technology in the domain of technology program and project management.

Throughout his distinguished 18-year career journey, Navdeep has leveraged exceptional IT expertise in the telecommunications and finance sectors. His dedication to embracing emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, coupled with methodologies like the SAFe framework, has significantly shaped his impact on the industry.

At the core of Malik's professional philosophy is a deep belief in the power of collaboration. Recognizing the potency of collective effort, he continually explores new avenues for collaboration. His extensive project management skills ensure high-quality, budget-friendly, and timely project delivery, maximizing organizational benefits amid rapid technological advancements in the IT industry.

Malik's tenure includes significant roles with Fortune 100 companies such as Charter Communications, Edward Jones and AT&T, where he demonstrated his prowess in various facets of program management. His repertoire of skills encompasses IT program management, project management, vendor management, PMO management and customer excellence.

Professional Achievements:

Malik's professional journey is punctuated by numerous accolades and recognitions, underscoring his exceptional contributions to the field. In 2024 alone, Malik was honored with the TITAN Business Awards for his global expertise in information technology program management and the AVA Digital Awards for his outstanding leadership in program management. He also received the prestigious International Achievers' Award for Excellence in Technical Program Management in 2023, further cementing his reputation as an industry leader.

Key Projects and Initiatives:

Achieving such milestones and establishing a respected position in the industry was no easy feat for Navdeep. He has consistently and diligently worked on projects and initiatives that have provided clear direction and outstanding outcomes for both the industry and clients. One of Malik's standout initiatives was his leadership of the Outage Management program at Charter Communications.

Over the past five years, he spearheaded critical projects in Outage Management program aimed at revolutionizing customer communications during service disruptions. By leveraging artificial intelligence, analytics, and robust network monitoring tools, Malik's proactive approach not only saved millions of dollars annually but also enhanced overall customer satisfaction. His strategic prowess was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein he implemented strategic projects and solutions to reduce hundreds of daily trouble calls so that technicians didn't have to visit customer premises for service issues thereby ensuring safety of technicians as well as the customers and their families.

The Outage Management program raised industry standards by notifying 32 million customers in 44 US states of disruptions through emails, SMS, and auto-calls, reducing call volumes and improving customer preparedness, especially during natural disasters.

During his tenure at AT&T as a Program Director, Malik played a crucial role in managing the development, enhancement, and support of mission-critical applications. These applications spanning across diverse technologies were crucial to the projects that procure, implement and maintain organization's infrastructure as well as served the departments for their internal processes, network monitoring and project management. also led the Project Management Office (PMO) for 250+ human resources in the program and set standards, procedures and practices for the program execution and tracking.

Contributions and Mentorship:

Malik is also actively mentors aspiring program and project management professionals through platforms like, offering guidance and insights gleaned from his extensive experience. His case study was recently highlighted in report "Navigating AI in Project Management" by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that serves as a guide for the technology community across the geographies.

Malik's influence extends to the academic and technological spheres, where he serves as a judge for prestigious hackathons and awards ceremonies, including those organized by Stanford University, Princeton University.Globee awards and the Business Intelligence Group. He's recognized as a top voice in Program Management on LinkedIn, showcasing his expertise. He's also a member of prestigious organizations like IETE and IEEE.

Navdeep Malik's program management journey embodies expertise, collaboration, and leadership. His dedication to excellence drives innovative solutions, guiding organizations through the complex digital terrain. As a symbol of proficiency, Malik underscores the vital role of program managers in IT success, showcasing the enduring value of mastery in technology.