Telugu movie "Nava Manmadhudu", which is the dubbed version of Dhanush, Amy Jackson and Samantha's Tamil film "Thanga Magan", has got mixed reviews and good ratings from critics.

Written and directed by Velraj, "Nava Manmadhudu" is about a middle class boy Bharath (Dhanush) falls in love with Hema (Amy Jackson), but the couple breaks up after a spat. As per his parents' wish, Bharath marries Yamuna (Samantha) and he starts working in his father's office. How he takes up the entire responsibility of his family after his father commits suicide will form the crux of the story.

Critics say that the first half of "Nava Manmadhudu" is a superb entertainer, but its plot turns routine and predictable in the second half. Dhanush's performance is the main highlight of the film. His chemistry with Amy Jackson and Samantha is another big attraction of the movie, which has been rated an average of 2.83 out of 5 stars.

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123 Telugu Ratings: 2.75

Nava Manmadhudu is a feel good family entertainer which has its moments. A superb first half, striking performances by the lead pair are basic assets. On the flip side, a slightly slow and predictable second half and an outdated story line makes this film watchable for those who like simple and realistic emotions.

Mirchi 9 Ratings: 2.25

First half of the film is breezy till a crucial development takes places between the characters of Dhanush and Amy Jackson. From here on the film loses its zing despite best efforts by Samantha and Dhanush pair. In the second half the film moves on a completely different tangent compared to the first. It's as if watching a whole new film altogether.

Iluvcinema Ratings: 3.50

Velraj's screenplay is engaging throughout the movie. Editing is okay. Dialogues are hilarious and some sentiments dialogues brought much depth to the movie. Picturisation of songs is superb. First half of the movie is fun-filled while second half is filled with emotional scenes. Best film to watch this weekend. Perfectly balanced family romantic entertainer.