Director Velraj's Telugu movie "Nava Manmadhudu" starring Dhanush, Amy Jackson and Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the lead roles, has got positive reviews from the audiences.

"Nava Manmadhudu" is dubbed Telugu version Thanga Magan (Thangamagan), which is romantic comedy drama film written by Velraj. Dhanush is a happy-go-lucky guy, who falls in love with Amy Jackson. Following some issues, he breaks up with her and gets married to Samantha. His life takes a tragic twist when his father commits suicide. What happens next will form the crux of the story.

The Telugu audiences, who have watched "Nava Manmadhudu", say that the first half of the film is very entertaining and engaging, but the story falls flat in the second half with its slow and dragging narration. Dhanush, Amy Jackson and Samantha have delivered wonderful performances, which are the among the big highlights of the film. Raadhika, Sathish, KS Ravikumar and others have done justice to their roles.

"Nava Manmadhudu"'sdecent production values and music and cinematography are the big attractions on the technical front. We bring you the viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of 'Nava Manmadhudu' movie review by audience:


#NavaManmadhudu ..Good 1st half but 2nd half is too slow and boring..Performances are good but Average stuff

$hashank ‏@shasha1495

#NavaManmadhudu Refreshing 1st half blended with cute love story @dhanushkraja as always #EmAnnavo song the way it showcases d love Finally movie marathon finished with #NavaManmadhudu second half was dragged a bit but still the first half makes it a one time watch

Rayarao Sriram ‏@rayaraosreeram

Entertaining first half #NavaManmadhudu Liked ‪#‎NavaManmadhudu.. When they promote it as "From The Makers of VIP" we may expect a film like VIP again. But this time its more on family drama. Everyone did well in the film. A simple clean family entertainer. Give it a watch! Entertaining film!!

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Entertaining 1st half @dhanushkraja Kummesadu #NavaManmadhudu Done !! Disappointing 2nd half #NavaManmadhudu Dhanush performance, Songs, BGM, 1st half kosam One Time easy watchable.

Vadagaali ‏@Vadagaali

Koncham dull second half ..but definitely not a serial #NavaManmadhudu Watchable Dhanush gadi acting ni takkuva chesedi edina undante dhanush gadki telugu dubbing cheppevadu..Warast stone

PRAVEEN ‏@ipraveeninybl

Watching Danush @iamAmyJackson @Samanthaprabhu2 #NavaManmadhudu 1st half Extraordinary..Blockbuster on the way.. Just saw @dhanushkraja @Samanthaprabhu2 @iamAmyJackson #NavaManmadhudu Ultimate youth & family entertainment.. Blockbuster. Congrats to team

CB ‏@cinema_babu

Enjoyable 1st half . Dhanush - Sam Chemistry #NavaManmadhudu 2nd half ~ Serial #Navamanmadhudu : Good 1st half & below avg 2nd half . Post interval movie runs like a serial . only for Dhanush fans ! #Thangamagan

Sreekanth Addala ‏@swamynadhkone

Excellent First half #Navamanmadhudu... Samantha,Amyjacksn,Dhanush Dubbing lo chaala jagrathalu theesukunnaru anipinchindhi...comedy baaga workout ayindhi...#Navamanmudhudu Aah Serial ani cheppindi evaru...rammanu..ila rammanu athanni Worst BGM boss.....BGM knchm bvnnahh...2nd half verela undedhi...#Navamanmadhudu

T ™ | Bengal_Tiger ‏@TrackTollywood

#TrackReview: #NavaManmadhudu A good family entertainer with filled action +Dhanush +Samantha +2nd Half +Music -Screenplay -Story Rating:3/5

Nishanth Nagaralu ‏@nishanth23

It is a commercial film from @dhanushkraja , It is a family drama featured with two interesting love stories & love tracks. #NavaManmadhudu Very Nice and Cute Romance between @dhanushkraja & @Samanthaprabhu2

Samantha BK ‏@Anything4Sam

Plenty of romance Lots of Comedy Much of Family Bonding Precise Action Lovely Music #NavaManmadhudu congratulations @dhanushkraja sir superb movie frist half u kicked show @Samanthaprabhu2 looking very nice. thanks for is wonderful movie #NavaManmadhudu

Yashwanth Rao ‏@YashuR06

@dhanushkraja Block Buster written all over it .Perfect family entertainer .- Fan from Hyd #NavaManmadhudu #ThangaMagan Congos to team :)

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Average 1st half with nicely picturised songs. Key scenes with Amy Jackson are not handled well #NavaManmadhudu

Pawan Kalyan ‏@Pawankalyan_PK

1) #NavaManmadhudu Heart touching film! @dhanushkraja you just lived it! @Samanthaprabhu2 u played a character dat v will remember it 4Ever! 2) #NavaManmadhudu @iamAmyJackson ur are soo beautiful and you had done justification to ur Character! @dhanushkraja @Samanthaprabhu2

Sam forever ‏@deepu1sundeep

Just saw #NavaManmadhudu I loved the movie exspecially @dhanushkraja Anna @Samanthaprabhu2 performance in the movie they killed movie super

Chanti ‏@nagfederer

Disappointing.... Raghuvaran Range lo expect chesa kanisam 3 Range lo kuda ledhu 2nd half ROD #Navamanmadhudu

Prem Kalyan ‏@premzhere

1st half Good.. 2nd half gurunchi nannu adagadhu nenu cheppanu. Ok I like Samantha. #NavaManmadhudu