Naked couple
Nick and LinsInstagram (@nakedwanderings)

What will be your reaction if you see a couple walking naked on the streets? Or, would you be comfortable removing all your clothes in a public place while surrounded by a bunch of strangers? Probably not!

We have been conditioned in a way that covering our body seems to be the most important and most basic form of privacy. However, these rules do not apply to some people who follow the idea of 'naturism'.

By definition, naturism is a movement which supports and advocates personal and social nudity. Sometimes naturism is also simply defined as nudism. A bizarre idea for many, naturism is practised by a good number of people around the world and has recently gained a lot of popularity of the internet.

Thanks to this Belgian couple who decided to travel the world 'stark naked'!

Nick and Lins are travelling the world together and are documenting their stories on social media, especially Instagram, like any other travel blogger. But, the only difference is that both of them pose naked in all their pictures.

With an Instagram account and a website named 'Naked Wanderings', this couple wants to "normalize nudity one country at a time."

Naked couple
Nick and LinsInstagram (@nakedwanderings)

According to different newspapers, Nick and Lins have spoken with, the couple came in contact with Naturism during their early twenties and loved the idea.

"A big milestone in our lives, especially our naked lives, was the 3rd of July 2017 when we started our world trip; A journey that will take us through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and who knows where else," the couple states on their website.

With close to 38,000 followers on Instagram, Nick and Lins have definitely created a sensation on the internet and have introduced a number of people to the idea of Naturism. It cannot be said that the idea is gaining popularity because of them but their unique way of documenting their travels is definitely keeping everyone engaged.

You can check out their website to read about their experiences and also know about Naturism. Let us know what you think by commenting below.