Celebrated by the US states California and South Dakota, Native American Day is held on every fourth Saturday of September to honour the Native American cultures and contributions to the United States. The Native American Day 2015 falls on 25 September, and in commemoration of the same, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite celebrities that are of Native American decent.

Angelina Jolie: One-half of Hollywood power-couple "Branjelina", Jolie is of the Native American heritage from the mother Marcia Lynne Bertrand's side. Bertand, who is also an actress founded All Tribes Foundation, the inspiration for which was her partner John Trudell, who is a Native American poet.

Johnny Depp: This Hollywood veteran owes his Native American roots to his great-grandmother, who according to the "Pirates of the Carribean" actor was "quite a bit of Native American". He was alo raised in Kentucky, which has a rich Cherokee and Creek Indian heritage.

Miley Cyrus: Like the entire Cyrus clan, Miley too is a proud Native American of the Cherokee decent. Miley, her father Bill Ray Cyrus and the other Cyruses all have Native American themed tattoos, which they use to celebrate their roots.

Elvis Presley: The king of rock and roll too had a little bit of Native American, thanks to his great-great-great-grandmother, who was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.

Rosario Dawson: The multi-talented Rosario Dawson's claim to the rich Native American history is her biological father, who was caucasian with Native American ancestry.