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Traffic moves along a busy road in New Delhi November 9, 2011.Reuters File

The all India transport strike on Thursday, 30 April does not seem to have affected many in the metros. 

While in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and other major cities, public transportation facilities are available, Thursday's strike has partially affected Kerala and West Bengal.

Many in Bengaluru (Bangalore) even said they witnessed traffic as usual and almost all offices are functioning normally.

Live Updates from Bengaluru

"I travelled from JP Nagar till Indiranagar (Bangalore) and it was just like a normal day with heavy traffic. Some BMTC buses were also on the roads," Meera, a commuter said.

Auto-rickshaws and cab services are also available in Bengaluru.

"I had to cancel my plans today as there were no bus services in Kochi," said another commuter from Kerala.

After Kerala SRTC extended their support to the strike, normal life has been affected in Kerala as many in the state depend on it. 

"There will be no bandh tomorrow in Bengal. No bandh in Kolkata, no bandh in the districts," West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday.

The CM has also announced that the scheduled exams will be conducted on Thursday despite the all India strike.

"In Chennai, RTC Buses are on roads. So are Autos and cabs.. No issue here with Transport Strike, Sampath, a commuter tweeted.

Meanwhile, in New Delhi, many are depending on metro services to commute, as autos and taxis are not available as usual.

"Commute to work made impossible by auto/taxi bandh. Thanks to the Delhi metro, life is easier in this heat," another said.

Various trade unions, including All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), HMS, INTUC, LPF, BMS, AICCTU, and others have extended their support to the 24-hour-long strike, starting 12 am on Thursday, against the Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014.

Nationwide Transport Strike on Thursday Likely to Hit Normal Life

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#BangaloreBandh itseems today. No signs. I have been duped. Someone created a story on Apr 30 to get 4 day long wknd no? Interesting only!


#Strike not successful in #Mumbai. More #auto, #taxi & BEST buses hitting the road @dna #mumbaistrike #transport


what a mess, rumours of Public transport strike in Mumbai and f*****g every auto and bus is on streets screwing everybody's happiness.

Mumbai matters

There is 'NO TRANSPORT STRIKE' buses, trains , auto , cabs, taxies all running. Don't go with rumours !

Mumbai News

Transport & ST strike officially withdrawn in Maharashtra after talks with Transport Minister Diwakar Raote.


Transport strike: No effect in Mumbai as BEST buses, autos and taxis are running@HTMumbai

Mina Roy

#Kolkata is all normal despite the so called bandh called by elxn losers. People will not support loss time and money. #NoToBandh

Tariq Ali 

This bandh in kolkata is killing no taxi auto on the road