Modello Domani
Modello Domani

'Modello Domani' is an Italian name, meaning "style of tomorrow." Having an international ring to the brand name, they are surely one of the best footwear brands in today's time. Digging further into the brand; they specialise in handmade shoes primarily for men and have now introduced a division for women as well. With having a variety of 200+ ready to wear designs on their website and store, the quality of the footwear is what makes them unique. They offer both zardozi & thread embroidery options and their latest hand-painted custom designs will leave you mesmerised. Furthermore, the brand recently launched India's first "Shoe Sanitizer Spray" which is a revolutionary product keeping your shoes/feet odour free & bacteria free.

As far as customization is concerned, they have a "Picture to Product" customization where a customer can create a pair just by sharing a picture of the shoes or even sharing their own fabrics. Their products are 100% handmade with vegan options available. The best thing is they offer products at all price points which make them the most affordable fashion luxury brand. Moreover, they are the only brand to enjoy a 5* rating and reviews on Google & Facebook. Not just this, several celebrities have been in awe of the brand.

The man behind the brand is none other than Ayush Diwan Khurana. The journey started back in 2010 when ZARA had launched its loafers in the Indian market. It was a rage amongst the youth despite being priced at ₹4500-₹5500 then. Ayush got a pair and joined the hype, and soon realised they were actually manufactured in India.

Since his college, he was intrigued about the manufacturing of shoes. The most shocking thing he learnt was that our country manufactures for international brands at a low-cost and ends up buying them at expensive prices. That triggered Ayush with the idea of starting his own homegrown brand of footwear with an international appeal and quality at affordable pricing.

'Modello Domani' was launched in 2015 with the humble motto of "Happy Feet For All" aiming to provide world-class luxury fashion shoes at affordable prices. Ever since the birth of the brand, it has been focusing on quality designs worldwide. Offering the largest variety of designs across all price ranges and full customization services, the brand has been featured in several publications like Forbes India, Economic Times, Business World, Business Standard among others. The brand was also the first round winner of the 'Franchise India Show' which was aired on TIMES NOW News Network.

Apart from their E-Commerce website www.DOMANISHOESdotcom, they have tie-ups with many retail giants like Myntra, Aashni & Co., MensXP and several designer boutiques throughout the nation.

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