Natasaarvabhowma Review
Puneeth Rajkumar's Natasaarvabhowma is a revenge drama.PR Handout

Puneeth Rajkumar's Natasaarvabhowma is a revenge drama built around predictable and unpredictable twists. Packed with action and comedy, Pavan Wadeyar's film ticks all the boxes to become a wholesome entertainer.

Gagan Deekshith (Puneeth Rajkumar), a journalist, comes to Bengaluru from Kolkata in search of a missing person. Union minister Ghanshyam Yadav (P Ravi Shankar)'s plan to gain public sympathy goes haywire as soon as the Power Star lands in the Garden City. To avoid facing the wrath of the minister, the editor of the publication asks Gagan to do a special write up on him.

Gagan's meeting with the politician changes their equation for good, but the story takes a twist. How the story progresses thereafter should be enjoyed on-screen.

To begin with, Pavan Wadeyar has played it to the gallery. The movie has ample references to the Sandalwood's matinee idol Dr Rajkumar and their family. He blends such moments with action, comedy and mass elements in equal measure.

Puneeth Rajkumar is easily the biggest strength of Natasaarvabhowma. His inimitable flamboyance lends more weight to the proceedings. From costumes to his mannerisms, everything related to Appu has worked out well. His body language as a man possessed by a spirit deserves a huge round of applause.

Chikkanna has more screen presence than the heroines Rachita Ram and Anupama Parameswaran, who are underutilised in the movie. His comedy scenes with Appu evoke laughter at regular intervals. The scene in which the devil comes in his dreams is a spine-chilling moment in the film.

The major highlight of the movie is D Imman's background music and two songs – 'Dance with Appu' and 'Yaaro Naanu.' Special mention for Chethan Kumar's dialogues.  

However, Natasaarvabhowma is definitely not a flawless film. Although the packaging is neat, the movie required a tighter narration and the story is overstretched. It had a lot of scope for emotional connect which is missing.

Nevertheless, Pavan Wadeyar has cleverly come up with a film to woo all section of the audience and emerges successful in his attempt.

Ratings: 3.5