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No one can look as hot and tempting as Natalia Portman. The Thor actress, who become a mother again this year, was part of a glamorous photo shoot where she put on her sultry face. Promoting Miss Dior fragrance campaign, the actress shed all her clothes to flaunt her curves in front of the camera.

Two photos from the ad campaign were shared online. In both the pictures, the beautiful 35-year-old was seen covering her modesty with the help of a stunning white embroidered gown. One of the pictures sees her holding the white dress against her bosoms while she wrapped her bare legs over it to show off her derriere. Letting her hair caress her shoulder, Portman's voluptuous body makes it hard to focus on anything else in the frame.

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In the other picture, it is evident that the actress has bared it all to add the oomph factor to the hot photo shoot. The actress is seen seated on a white garden chair, with her side body put on display for the camera.

Portman takes the help of the dress to cover her modesty. But she teases her fans by showing off her bare back and curvy assets in the side posture. Keeping it simple, Portman sported minimal make up, letting her sexy figure grab all the attention. The breathtaking photos come merely five months after she gave birth to a baby girl.

Dior and Portman have a long-term connection now. The actress's affiliation with designer Christian Dior has lasted more than a five year relationship and she has been a part of many its beauty campaigns. Now, Portman has become the face for Miss Dior perfume campaign.

Sometime last year, Portman told British Vogue that she feels extremely lucky to have been associated with the brand. She told the magazine: "I've been working with Dior for so long and they have been so incredibly supportive of me and my career. I have also been lucky enough to travel to some pretty incredibly places with them, giving me time in foreign countries I may not otherwise get to experience. I feel very lucky to have them in my life."

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