Nashville S4 E15
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"Nashville" Season 4 is delving into the lives of almost every character in the story. While last week was quite eventful with many of them losing it and many turning out to be successful, this week, we will see what Juliette plans is to get back into the spotlight and how The Exes will be riding high on their newfound success.

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Episode 14 saw the return of Juliette as she came back home to Nashville, after she got an okay from the rehab. And as soon as she got home, she got an offer for a cameo in a Steven Spielberg movie. But she was confused whether or not to take up that offer as she wanted to spend more time with her daughter. She asked Avery if she could do that, but he refused as he quite doesn't trust her yet. So she decided to go ahead and do the movie, but again during the press conference she changed her mind, and chose spending time with Cadence over doing the movie. And finally, Avery gave her the permission.

In "What I Cannot Change" we also saw that Layla lost the opening slot on Autumn's tour to The Exes, after Chase heard them perform. And at the end of the episode, Luke brought Will back to the label. The next episode will see Luke pairing Will along with his old writing partner.

Now, in episode 15 we will see The Exes will be cashing in on their new-found fame. According to the synopsis, Gunnar and Scarlett will go on tour with Autumn Chase, and be more successful than ever. The summary also teases that Deacon will be overprotective about Maddie and will be suspicious about her growing closeness with Cash.

The promo of "When There's a Fire in Your Heart" also shows how Juliette is missing being on the stage and that she is missing her manager Glenn. The clip shows her devising a plan to get him back to help her return to the spotlight.

Plot synopsis for "When There's a Fire in Your Heart" (via TV Guide) reads: "The Exes struggle with fame as they go on tour with Autumn Chase. Elsewhere, Maddie and Cash's developing bond displeases a suspicious Deacon; Juliette seeks to reunite with Glenn; and Will and Kevin wind up working together again."

"Nashville" Season 4 episode 15, titled "When There's a Fire in Your Heart," will be aired on ABC, April 13 at 10 p.m.