Naseeruddin Shah
Naseeruddin ShahPR handout

Naseeruddin Shah is in all praises of the short film "The Idiot" which features Arfi Lamba in the lead along with Virendra Saxena and Varun Patel.The short film is directed by Ruchi Joshi and Sriram Ganapathy.

Naseeruddin Shah recently watched the short film "The Idiot" and he did not shy away from appreciating the work of the team. He personally congratulated the director Ruchi Joshi on her work, "Saw the film, it's not only very well written but excellently made and acted as well."

The film in the past has was also selected for the 40th International Film Festival in New York this year.

The feature film revolves around real life events and the fear of 'Islamophobia' that is rapidly spreading in the world. Abdul (Played by Arfi Lamba) a poor illiterate Muslim man who thought he could hijack a plane and redirect it to Australia inorder to search his wife.

In the past Arfi was seen in short films like "Shinaakht". He most recently also worked on a short film called 'Dial K for Kill' that is directed by Santosh Sivan and produced by 'ARRI'.