NASCAR HeatOfficial website

Racing video game franchise "NASCAR Heat" that was at popular in the 2000s is returning to PC and consoles yet again, and will be made by the same people who were previously involved with the franchise. It will be called "NASCAR Heat Evolution."

The post on NASCAR's official website revealed that the game is expected to be released on Sept. 13, 2016 and would be marking its debut on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The post promises players with "a brand-new and authentic racing experience."

According to the post, the game will dynamically adapt to any skill level and assures players of delivering a "true-to-life racing experience." The game will feature all the top drivers, teams, detailed tracks, environments and more.

It has been confirmed to feature all 23 licensed NASCAR tracks in HD. The game will include pick-up-and-place races, Career Mode, new Chase mode (allows players to experience the final 10 races of NASCAR season) and Challenges.

Dusenberry Martin Racing (DMR) has the license agreement with NASCAR Team Properties until 2020. "NASCAR Heat Evolution" development will be taken up by Monster Games.

Monster Games have been part of the NASCAR-based video games for over 15 years and the company won laurels for creating critically acclaimed NASCAR video game like "NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona" and "NASCAR Heat."

"To deliver an all-new NASCAR game experience, we assembled an all-star team of NASCAR game experts and started with a clean sheet of paper. What the DMR and Monster Games teams have come up with is going to amaze NASCAR fans," said Ed Martin, president DMR.