Smell, nose
In the study, consumption of poor diet led to major structural and functional changes in the animals' sensory system related to smell called olfactory system.Dennis Wong/Flickr

Nearly 30 percent Indians suffer from nasal allergy, which is often mistaken as common cold. Nasal allergy is typically characterised by a sudden onset of rapid sneezing, running nose and watery eyes.

Interestingly, the causes that lead to nasal allergy are different across various Indian states.

For instance, in Mumbai it is the dry pigeon poop that has been found to cause nasal allergy whereas in Bangalore pollen and dust mites are the reasons why people sneeze and cough all day long.

Predictably in Delhi it is the pollution, which leads to this condition, whereas in Kolkata it is the house dust that causes nasal allergy. 

An informative video put together by Piramal Healthcare gives insights into what may lead to nasal allergy and how can it be prevented.