"Naruto Shippuden" has gone on a holiday break of two weeks following Episode 443 of Season 19. And much to the frustration of fans we are still not done with the filler episodes. While they bear no impact on the rest of the main storyline of "Naruto", this dream sequence only seems beneficial in driving home the point that regardless of the circumstances Sasuke will always find a way to be bad.

In the previously aired Episode 443 "The Difference in Power", we saw how the tight policing of the Uchihas have made the once food cart-filled streets of their village deserted. Much like in real life, Sasuke is abusing his powers in his dream also, even going as far as hurting old women.

Fortunately, Naruto and his friends see what Sasuke is up to, and intervene. However, before their fight escalates, Danzo intervenes, and once Naruto leaves the scene he asks Sasuke how long he will hold himself down.

On hearing about Naruto's run-in with the Leaf Police Force, a group of villagers decide to confront Naruto at his home, but they get arrested and Fugaku expresses deep disspointment in Sasuke again. He further dismisses him from the police force.

Now with even more of a craving for power, Sasuke decides to leave the village again to train under Orochimaru, on Danzo's suggestion. The story will continue with Sasuke's training or like his previous departure, with a time jump, in the upcoming Episode 444.

"Rogue Ninja" will be aired on TV Tokyo on Thursday, 14 January 2016.