Almost all "Naruto Shippuden" fans are tired of the never-ending filler episodes, but we are missing the show now that it is on a break. The last episode to be aired by TV Tokyo was Episode 443 titled "The Difference in Power" on 24 December, and since then we have been patiently waiting for 14 January, when Episode 444 "Rogue Ninja" will be aired.

In the previous episode, we learned that no matter what the circumstances Sasuke would have become a villain-esque ninja – or as most fans like to say, a d**k. In his new position as an officer of the Leaf Police Force, Sasuke continued to be a bully, scaring the villagers and not even sparing helpless old women.

As expected, Naruto and his friends intervened and stopped the Leaf Police Force from causing too much damage. Before things got too physical and personal with Naruto and Sasuke, Danzo intervened and asked Naruto to leave. After his departure though, The Darkness of the Shinobi, asks Sasuke how long he is planning to continue like this.

Naruto's interaction with the Leaf Police Force angers a few Uchihas, who confront Naruto at his home. They end up getting arrested, and a disappointed Fugaku discards his son Sasuke of his title in the Leaf Police Force. Angered, he approaches Danzo and, based on his advice, leaves the village yet again, to train under Orochimaru.

From the looks of it, when "Naruto Shippuden" returns with "Rogue Ninja", the filler storyline will continue, at least for another couple of episodes. Episode 446 titled "The Collision" will be aired on Thursday, 28 January, and hopefully with it the filler arc will end.

Moreover, based on the release of "Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 4", we believe that Shippuden series will end by March 2016. Before that, Studio Pierrot will not only have to wrap up the fillers, but also air the Fourth Shinobi World War episodes.

We have also learned that following the end of "Naruto Shippuden", a new series titled "Naruto Gaiden" will be aired. These will be based on the "Naruto Hiden" novels. So, if you are a Naruto fan then there is a lot to look forward to in 2016.