Nargis Fakhri (Reuters)
Nargis Fakhri (Reuters)Reuters

Speculations have been rife about the "Rockstar" babe Nargis Fakhri dating actor/producer Uday Chopra and some recent events have validated the rumours.

The "Dhoom" actor and younger Chopra scion, Uday, has on numerous occasions been spotted with the gorgeous Nargis. Uday has openly flirted with the actress on social networking platforms on several previous occasions.

But the recent turn of events have in way confirmed a connection between the duo.

Nargis, after wrapping up her shoot of "Main Tera Hero", had posted, "Should I go back 2 Mumbai or shud I chill n travel in Thailand? Hmmm ...Maybe I'll just stay an extra two weeks! Ha!"

To which, Uday, who is currently in US, replied, "@NargisFakhri stop lying you know your coming to LA."

 "@udaychopra ugh oh here comes trouble.... Haha You wish," shot back the actress.

Uday, then took to his flirting best as he came up saying, "ok don't come!!! I have lots of company with the LA girls here...actually best you stay in Bangkok."

But looks like Nargias and Uday won't be enjoying quality time any time soon as actress posted on Wednesday, "Feeling bummed out... Was supposed to travel but now have to head back to Mumbai. Ahh life... Learn to go with the flow - that's the key!"

Further, Uday - in a veiled reference - had recently posted on Twitter, "Women are the most amazing creation of God...after Men of course...see what I did there... thank God I already have a girlfriend."

Even though Uday did not mention his lady love's name but we surely have a fine idea who he was reffering to.

On a previous occasion, the "Mohabatein" actor indifferent of the online platform had posted on the actress' account, "Nargis did you know we are related. Your future sons' father is my father's son." Abhishek Bachchan had replied to the post "Get a room kids", after which the tweets were instantly deleted.

Even though there has been an open declaration of the linkup from Uday's part, the International model-turned-actress, however, has never spoken out on the issue.