Modi in China
PM Modi writing in the visitors' book at the Terracota Warriors Museum in Xi'an.PMO India Twitter

While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for being a compelling orator, his written word has also often generated immense interest, especially because of the mystery of his fluctuating handwriting. 

Modi's handwriting was back in focus after he penned a message in the vistors' book at the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi'an on Thursday, on the first day of his China visit. 

The hand-written note was shared by Ministry of External Affairs' spokesperson Vikas Swarup. 

The PM's handwriting, however, seemed starkly different from his previous notes written just months ago. 

Here are some samples from the past- 

While he may be proud of his oratory skills, Modi admitted he was not as impressed by his handwriting, telling someone on Twitter last October that he had 'not been blessed with a good handwriting'.

This post may hold the answer to the speculation over Modi's handwriting. 

Modi was responding to someone who had complimented him for his handwriting while referring to a note by the PM in the White House vistor's book during his US trip last year, and to another note from his visit to the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. 

The hand-written note from the White House was also shared by the MEA spokesperson at the time. 

With Modi claiming that it was not his handwriting, it implies that one of his team members may have penned the note and Modi may have simply put his signature at the end, thus solving the mystery of his ever-changing handwriting. 

However, it is not clear from the tweet if Modi was referring to both the notes or any one of them. 

Meanwhile on Thursday, many Twitterati praised the Prime Minister for his handwriting -