Prime Minister Narendra Modi
PM Modi to interact with farmers on Wednesday.Press Information Bureau

Prime minister Narendra Modi will be interacted with more than five crore farmers across India through video conference on Wednesday (June 20) and their concerns and issues related to the farming sector.

One of the key highlights from the interaction is Modi has said that his government is aiming to double the income of the farmers by 2022.

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2018-06-2011:02 (IST)

Modi's interaction with farmers ends

The PM has said that India will develope only when the farmers progress.

"Those who are watching this interaction, will be very proud of our farmers, their hard work, their progress and their new experiments," said the PM.

2018-06-2010:51 (IST)

Odisha and Uttar Pradesh farmers

The PM is interacting with farmers in Odisha's Angul district and Uttar Pradesh's Shahjahanpur. 

"I am farming for the last 20 years. For the last three years I have been getting valuable guidance on proper irrigation, which is helping me," Rajwinder Singh from Uttar Pradesh tells PM

2018-06-2010:44 (IST)

Watch the interaction here:

Here's where you can watch PM Modi address the farmers.

2018-06-2010:43 (IST)

Farmers in Rajasthan

Modi is currently interacting with agriculturists in Rajasthan.

2018-06-2010:42 (IST)

Bee farming

Apart from encouraging the need to invest in poultry farms and fisheries.

2018-06-2010:38 (IST)

Blue revolution

Modi has said that his government is working toward Blue revolution.

"Blue Revolution is a national plan for the development of marine fish and the fishermen's welfare. It is being strived for under economic prosperity in a responsible and sustainable way," the PM tweeted.

2018-06-2010:35 (IST)

West Bengal farmers

Farmers in South 24 Pargana of West Bengal are telling the PM about their success stories in fish culture.

2018-06-2010:27 (IST)

Modi addressing farmers in Sikkim

Modi praises Sikkim on becoming the first fully organic state of India.

"The government is encouraging organic farming under the traditional agriculture development plan in the whole country. Especially the North east is being developed as a hub of organic farming. The country today has over 22 lakh hectares of land focusing on organic farming," tweeted the PM.

2018-06-2010:17 (IST)

Karntaka farmers

Farmers from Karnataka's Ramanagara are sharing their experiences with the Prime Minister. The agriculturists are talking about the benefits of soil health cards.

2018-06-2010:16 (IST)

Farmer Producer Organisation

Modi has encouraged agriculturists to join Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO).

2018-06-2010:14 (IST)

Interaction with farmers in Maharashtra.

Farmers from Solapur in Maharashtra are now interacting with the PM.

2018-06-2010:13 (IST)

India farmers taking up modern farm machinery

Modi has appreciated farmers for investing on modern machinery.
"It's a good thing that our farmer is also adding modern machines and appliances to his hard work and benefiting from the villages around us," the PM tweeted.

2018-06-2010:10 (IST)

Soil health card

The PM has encouraged farmers to opt for Soil Health card, so that the soil on a piece of land can be analysed and thus find what crop can be grown on the land.

2018-06-2010:01 (IST)

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh

After having interacted with farmers in Chhattisgarh, Modi is now directly addressing agriculturists in Madhya Pradesh's Jhabua.

2018-06-2009:59 (IST)

Modi on drip irrigation

The PM has stressed on the need of investing in drip irrigation.

2018-06-2009:55 (IST)

Fertilisers in India

"Pehle khaad ke liye lambi-lambi kataarein lagti thi. Lekin ab kisanon ko aasani se khaad mil rahi hai. Aaj kisanon ke liye 100% neem coating waala Urea desh mein uplabdh hai (Earlier farmers had to get into long queues to obtain fertilisers, but now it has become easier for the farmers to get these fertilisers. 100 percent neem coated urea is available all across India)," ANI quoted PM Narendra Modi as saying via video conference.

2018-06-2009:51 (IST)

PM Modi addressing Chhattisgarh farmers

PM Modi is directly interacting with farmers in Kanker of Chhattisgarh, wherein people attending the conference are talking about their issues. 

2018-06-2009:43 (IST)

Farmers' income to double by 2022

"We are working towards ensuring that the incomes of our hardworking farmers doubles by 2022. For that we are facilitating proper assistance wherever required. We have faith in the farmers of India," said the PM.

2018-06-2009:38 (IST)

Modi's interaction begins

PM Modi is addressing farmers in Odisha, Chattisgarh and other parts of India.
"I am delighted to interact with farmers from over 600 districts of India," the PM tweeted.

2018-06-2009:32 (IST)

Hour-long session

The interaction session will continue for an hour. Modi will be connected to farmers from various locations

2018-06-2009:25 (IST)

Modi to talk about his government's pet schemes

Apart from addressing the issues being faced by the farmers, Modi will also flag his government's major schemes, which aims at boosting their income.

2018-06-2009:20 (IST)

Video conference timimg

The interaction, which will be held via the NaMo App, will begin at 9:30 am.