The latest issue of Hello magazine has a cover story, featuring the coolest couple in the film industry -- Namrata Shirodkar and Mahesh Babu.

Mahesh Babu, who is one of the top most stars of the South Indian Film Industry has joined hands with his wife to shoot for a wonderful magazine cover.

Mahesh Babu poses with his wife Namrata Shirodkar
Mahesh Babu poses with his wife Namrata Shirodkar / Hello

Though the couple is the most happening ones in the industry, they prefer to keep their personal life low-key. Now that the photoshoot has grabbed everyone's attention, here is what Mahesh Babu feels like to have a partner like Namrata Shirodkar.

Partners through thick and thin

Despite the overwhelming following from around the world, Mahesh Babu affirms he is a regular dad, and most importantly just a common, married man with children. He is one of those family men who loves to travel with his family, crack jokes and do activities with his kids.

Europe and Dubai being the couple's favorite holiday places, Namrata also loves Baden-Baden in Germany. The couple conveys that they are one of those regular parents, trying to cope up with parenting and balance their work along with family responsibilities.

Mahesh Babu shoots for a magazine cover
Mahesh Babu shoots for a magazine cover

Namrata keeps me grounded: Mahesh Babu

During the conversation with the magazine, Mahesh Babu conveys that his heart belongs to his family, in spite of all the stardom. "Namrata keeps me grounded. I am just a husband when at home", Mahesh Babu said.

Namrata Shirodkar mentions Mahesh Babu spoiling the kids (Gautham Ghattamaneni and Sitara Ghattamaneni) by buying them expensive stuff, and says the trio are to be kept under control every once in a while.

My efforts go in vain: Namrata Shirodkar

On a witty note, Namrata complains, "Mahesh spoils our kids rotten! While they may be used to flying First Class and accustomed to luxuries, I try to create a balance in their lives".

"In order to teach them to sustain under all circumstances, I often make them fly Economy with me. I'm from a very middle-class family and know the real world," Namrata explains.

Namrata also mentions that Sitara buys expensive stuff using her brand endorsements, but goes running to her dad when she needs an iPad, which makes Namrata think all her efforts go in vain.