Nam Woo-Hyun
Nam Woo-HyunGetty Images

Nam Woo-Hyun has announced his plans for his first ever solo live concert slated for November. The solo concert titled 'Arbor Day' is expected to feature his hit singles from his solo album as well as from the Infinite band hits. His agency Woollim Entertainment is promoting the event and expects it to be a crowd pleaser.

Woo-Hyun debuted as one of the main vocalists of Infinite. The band has garnered much popularity since its debut in 2010. Formed by Woollim Entertainment, the band then consisted of seven members namely; Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, Sungjong and Hoya.

They released their first mini-album titled First Invasion. This was later followed by their first full album Over the Top in 2011 and a mini album titled Challenge in 2013.

The boy band dished out hit songs like Destiny, Black, and Tell Me which became a rage among the youngsters. Infinite as a band suffered a setback with their leader Kim Sung-Kyu exiting to fulfil his mandatory military duty.

Since his departure from the band, Nam Woo-Hyun made a mark for himself with his debut solo album Extended Play, Write in 2016. Inspired by its success, Woo-Hyun released his second solo album consisting of self-styled scripts and production titled Second Write.

Apart from his singing career, Woo-Hyun has tried his hands in sitcom titled Unusual Men and Women and musical titled Barnum.

The solo concert is scheduled from November 2-November 4 at Blue Square in Seoul.