Ever since his role as 'Salman' in Gully Boy, it has only been an upward journay for actor Nakul Roshan Sahdev. If he made people notice him in Gully Boy, he made heads turn with his character in Love Lust Confusion. And in the latest release Pagglait, Sahdev was impactful. International Business Times got in touch with the actor to talk about vibe on the sets of Pagglait, role he would like to swap and  more. 

Nakul Roshan Sahdev
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How was the experience of working with such a powerful star cast during Pagglait?

The most beautiful part about working with powerful actors is that you get to live and breathe in the world the director wants to create. And personally, you become more sensitive as a human being. They have this simplistic presence that creates magic in the scenes. Watching them enact a scene is a schooling in itself.

Tell us about the mood/vibe on the sets on any particular day.

The entire cast and crew members of Pagglait were warm and loving. I loved spending time with the kids. We would listen to music, share our experiences. Whenever I would get an opportunity, I would have a conversation with Jameel sir or Sheeba Ma'am over tea or coffee. Everyone on the set was a giver, and hence everyone felt loved. Even when you watch the film, Shanti Kunj had a certain amount of warmth in it.


If you could swap roles, whose role would you have liked to play in the film?

I would have loved to walk through the journey of Sandhya. Sanaya was just the perfect Sandhya, but I would have loved to take up that challenging role. Nobody knows that I can play female characters quite well. I used to make my voice feminine to call my girlfriend's landline to talk to her.

Audience has a lot of expectations from you after Gully Boy. How do you feel about the massive young and female fan following?

I feel blessed that my fans have such great expectations from me. It's their love that pushes me harder every single day. One thing that makes me feel proud about myself is the fact that a lot of them send me messages talking about how they are passionate about their aspirations. I love how the profession I am in can ignite passion and love in other people. Overall, my fans reaffirm the fact that 'being honest' is the only way to success. I would love to see my fans grow and achieve their definition of success.