Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar was caught between her father and her best friend Vishal Krishna at the recently-concluded Nadigar Sangam. Though she clearly mentioned that her support was for her father and refused to get into the political debate, it is undeniable that it would have some impact on her relationship with Vishal.

It has been reported time and again that Varalaxmi and Vishal were seeing each other. Media had more reasons to believe that the duo was just more than friends though the alleged couple had never confirmed the same. Nonetheless, they had admitted that they were best of pals.

Even as speculations of their affair hit gossip columns, there emerged a scenario where the "Paayum Puli" actor clashed with the "Suryavamsam" star over some differences in the functioning of the Nadigar Sangam. Unfortunately, their issues grew with time and Vishal Krishna was forced to form his team Pandavar Ani to take on then-mighty President Sarath Kumar.

Like a scene taken out from a romantic movie where the girl's beau locks horns with her father over some issues, a similar situation was witnessed when Vishal and Sarath Kumar were at logger heads.

During the election campaigns, their relationship hit new lows as Sarath Kumar's faction indulged in name calling of Vishal. In fact, Raadhika Sarath Kumar went on to play the caste card on one occasion. Even Raadhika Sarathkumar was not a mute spectator as he made several allegations against Sarath Kumar and his team members.

Now, election is over and Pandavar Ani has emerged victorious. But, as they say words hurt more than actions, the poll has apparently taken a toll on Sarath Kumar and Vishal's relationship. But how has it impacted his Vishal's equation with Varalaxmi is yet to be seen.

Let us not forget, after the verdict, Sarath Kumar claimed that the allegations made by Pandavar Ani had hurt him the most and also moved him to tears.

How will this affect Vishal and Varalaxmi's relationship? Will Vishal and Kumar ever sort out their issues? Can they keep their professional issues aside to maintain cordial relationship? Only time can answer these questions.