Vishal Krishna has hit back at Raadhika Sarathkumar after she mentioned his surname while talking to the media. He has alleged that the actress is giving a caste colour to have an upperhand in the forthcoming Nadigar Sangam elections.

At a press meet, Raadhika Sarathkumar reportedly mentioned the actor's full name -- Vishal Reddy -- bringing in his surname to the picture. This comment offended Vishal, who felt there was no need to mention his caste name. 

Vishal Krishna claimed that he was not angry with Raadhika Sarathkumar, but wondered why she mentioned his full name. He added that she pointed out his caste name to gain advantage in Nadigar Sangam elections and said that there is no place for caste in Nadigar Sangam.

According to Vishal, one does not need religion or caste identity to do good deeds. "Mam should know that the name of the Sangam is South Indian Film Artists Association and it is not for only those who have Tamil as their native language," Indiaglitz quoted the actor as saying.

On the other side, Vishal seems to have not taken Simbu's comments seriously. The "Vaalu" actor had alleged that the "Avan Ivan" star was breaking the unity of Sangam and questioned his contribution to the actors' guild.

The "Paayum Puli" star laughed off the comment and said that this only confirms that the Pandavar Ani spearheaded by Vishal and Nasser is inching towards victory at the elections.

The Nadigar Sangam elections had never witnessed such differences among actors like political parties for power in its 63-year history. In fact, Sarath Kumar and his men were elected unopposed for the last three tenures.

However, the deal struck by the incumbent administration became the root cause for the turmoil, leading to the rise of Pandavar Ani comprising five actors who stood against Sarath Kumar (President) and Radha Ravi (Secretary).