The battle between the two factions of Nadigar Sangam (actors' guild) in Tamil Nadu is heating up with president Sarath Kumar slamming Kamal Haasan after the star joined hands with rival group Pandavar Ani led by Nasser.

After Kamal Haasan lent his support for Nasser's candidature for the president's post, Sarath Kumar came out in open accusing Kamal of not being grateful to him. Kumar cites that he stood by the actor when his "Vishwaroopam" and "Uttama Villain" landed in trouble. But the "Nayagan" star had little courtesy to thank him. 

Sarath Kumar went on to add that Kamal Haasan is the man behind the Pandavar Ani and caused division in the actors' guild. The rebel group acts on his behest, accuses Kumar.

The Nadigar Sangam president recalls that he had visited Kamal Haasan to console him when he had announced that he would leave the country following the ban on "Vishwaroopam" in Tamil Nadu.

He also claims, "I have personally worked hard for him. He should ask his conscience. Has he even thanked me for it? He must think about it. When the "Uttama Villain" controversy was on, I worked for 36 hours without sleep to make sure the movie is released," the Times of India quotes Sarath Kumar as saying to a private news channel.

Meanwhile, Nasser denied that Kamal Haasan is behind the rebel group and said that all those who are opposing the present ruling are matured enough to take decisions on their own.

Sarath Kumar has occupied the president post at Nadigar Sangam since 2006 as has been elected unopposed for the last three tenures.

However, it is only this time he has found a rival group with Vishal, Karthi, Khushboo and many others raising red flags against the incumbent administration.