Actor Nasser, who is contesting for the post of President at the upcoming Nadigar Sangam elections, has blamed Radha Ravi for the current situation in the guild.

In an interview with The News Minute, Nasser vented his anger at Nadigar Sangam for failing to punish Radha Ravi for using uncomplimentary language against its members. He said that such language should not be used in public and was no action has been taken against him. 

 "They are all trying to protect Radharavi and justify the way he talks. But when you are in public, you cannot speak like that? Not only him, one Mr Kaalai who is our VP. He called all actors dogs. Ms Radhika says our father (MR Radha) used to sing a song with all these words. Within your house it's OK, but I cannot sing the same song in public?" he said. 

Nasser added that he had filed a complaint against Radha Ravi for abusing him, but Nadigar Sangam kept silent on the issue. The 57-year old points out that the guild would not have acted in the similar way if he had done the same.

The senior actor then thanked Radha Ravi for helping the members to get united for the cause and cleared that he has nothing personal against Sarath Kumar.

Nasser also clarified that they are not splitting the guild but are following the democratic process to give its members the right to choose their leaders.

The Nadigar Sangam has been synonymous with unity. The members have always followed a smooth process to choose their leaders but this time, it has turned out to be an ugly battle between the two factions -- one led by Nasser and the other by the incumbent Sarath Kumar's faction.