Filmmaker Bharathiraja has broken his silence on Nadigar Sangam elections, which is contested like never before by the two factions in the Tamil Nadu actors' guild.

According to the veteran director, the issues could have been amicably sorted out between the two parties rather than fighting it out in public. 

On asking about his support, Bharathiraja stated that while anyone can pursue a career in Kollywood, only native Tamils should be elected for important positions. He reminded the members to consider this point while casting votes.

In the same press meet, Bharathiraja stressed on rechristening Nadigar Sangam, which is also called the South Indian Artistes Association, to Tamil Nadu Artistes Association as the other three film industries (Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) have formed their own guilds.

Though Nadigar Sangam had passed a resolution on the name change, it has not been implemented yet.

Meanwhile, the stage is set for the elections, which will be held on 18 October. A group of actors including S V Shekher, Nasser and Karthi met the City Police Commissioner on Thursday, 15 October, requesting him to provide security to conduct trouble-free polls. They have also requested to install CCTV cameras so that members can cast their votes without fear.

Meanwhile, Sarath Kumar shot back at the opposite faction by responding to the allegations. He released agreements and other documents pertaining to the controversial deal with SPI Cinemas. He also alleged that the opposition has made allegations without proper documents.