National Nachos Day will be observed on Friday, 6 November, 2015. Nachos, which originated in Mexico, is now one of the world's all-time favourite snack. So, on this day, just go ahead and cook good ol' nachos on your own or may be try a few recipes by celebrity chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Bobby Deen.

History of Nachos Day

One day in 1943, when the wives of some American soldiers stationed nearby walked into the restaurant owned by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, he had nothing to serve them. It was a few minutes past closing time and Ignacio really didn't have enough ingredients to make any real, full dish. All he had were a few tortillas, some shredded cheese and some pickled jalapeno peppers. So, he cut up the tortillas into pieces, sprinkled whatever he had over them, and baked them for a few minutes before serving them. The women enjoyed the snack a lot and when they asked Ignacio what it was called, he answered "Nacho's especiales". The word of this new hot snack travelled fast through Texas and the Southwest. Anaya's original Nachos recipe was printed in the 1954 St. Anne's Cookbook.

You can go with this classic recipe, but if you wish to get a bit creative and sophisticated, we suggest you try these recipes.

Spicy Nachos with Fresh Pico De Gallo by Chef Bobby Deen

The good old school Pico De Gallo, this recipe uses pinto beans and kidney beans as the main ingredient and the dish boasts of a good burst of tomato flavour. Click Here to view the full recipe.

Nacho Nacho Chook/ Quick Chilli by Nigella Lawson

A Tex-Mex inspired recipe with chorizo sausage being its main ingredient, Quick Chilli is a regular but amazing dish. It serves over four people. Click Here to view the full recipe.

Gordon Ramsay's Chilli Con Carne

Yet another popular recipe that takes just 45 minutes of preparation, this one is yummy and scrumptious and can be served with nachos or rice. The recipe boasts a good flavour of thyme and its main ingredient is minced beef and kidney beans. Click Here to view full recipe.

But, for a more traditional homemade nachos recipe by Gordon Ramsay, Click Here.

Nachos Krapao by Michele Lean

A very quick and easy-to-prep recipe, Krapao uses minced beef as its main ingredient and takes about just 20 minutes to prepare. Click Here to view the full recipe.

Well, don't know how to assemble that perfect nachos before serving them to your guests. Don't worry, Click Here to watch how Jamie Oliver constructs the perfect nachos.

Now, are you too bored and don't feel like tossing anything all by yourself? Then, just Click Here to check out the places that serve the best nachos in America.