Despite producing over 150 commercial films in a year, movies on animals is a rarity in Kollywood. However, Sibiraj starrer "Naaigal Jaakirathai" belongs to this genre, wherein a dog plays the lead role.

"Naaigal Jaakirathai" is directed by Shakti Rajan of "Naanayam" fame and produced by Sibiraj's father and actor Sathyaraj under the banner of Nathambal Film Factory. While it has Dharan Kumar's music, Nizar Shafi has handled the camera, with Praveen KL taking the responsibility of the editing department.

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A trained Belgian Shepherd named "I Doh" plays the key role with Sibiraj playing the male lead in "Naaigal Jaakirathai". The dog's name appears before the hero in the credits and makers said the animal is the main lead of the film and Sibiraj plays the second fiddle.

The Tamil flick is a thriller and it has an interesting subject. How the canine named Subramani comes to cop played by Sibiraj's help in solving a case forms the crux of the story. The story is narrated with a lot of humour. While the first half is pacy and engaging, the second half, at parts, fails to hold the audience's attention.

The reviews from audience indicate that "Naaigal Jaakirathai" is highly impressive and the people, who are used to regular commercial dramas, have something different to watch this weekend.

Read the Twitter review by audience below:

Prashanth Posts

"The dog will attract families big time, good to watch a movie with a fresh concept after a long time #naaigaljaakirathai."
"#naaigaljaakirathai interval - looks like a winner to me, neat performance by @Sibi_Sathyaraj and the dog."
"Sema concept #NaaigalJaakirathai." "Beautiful BGM #NaaigalJaakirathai."
Kudos to @Cinemainmygenes brother, his editing plays a vital role in #NaaigalJaakirathai s success.
I think showing a clip of Ajith in a movie is good luck, #NaaigalJaakirathai has a #mangatha clip, but relevant to the movie :)

One Kollywood Website Wrote:

"#NaaigalJaakirathai - breezy 1st half. Sibiraj looks well groomed n seems believable as a cop. Idoh looks stunning. A decent crime thriller."
"#NaaigalJaakirathai - revenge story taken in a new angle. Thrilling interval block. Sibi looks very convincing wit sturdy body language."
"#Naaigaljaakirathai - comedy portions r very situations between sibi n idoh. Looking fwd for a nail biting 2nd half. Hope there is no songs."

'Naaigal Jaakirathai' Audience Review
A poster of 'Naaigal Jaakirathai''Naaigal Jaakirathai' Twitter Page

Bhakta posted:

"#NaaigalJaakirathai a differnt movie from routine film."
"#NaaigalJaakirathai is a fantastic movie...loving every moment of it."

Nandhu Nandhuu Posts

#NaaigalJaakirathai r first half super ...
#NaaigalJaakirathai r first half super .....sibi Anna congratulations na......semma nama Coimbatore ....manii intro super

Dheepak Tweeted

#NaaigalJaakirathai plenty of goosebumps. . Not even single scene bored. @Sibi_Sathyaraj great come back movie congratzzz

Mekarthikarti Posted

#NaaigalJaakirathai - come back movie for @Sibi_Sathyaraj, nice script and racy thriller which starts only after 40mins..#worthwatching

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote

#NaaigalJaakirathai a cat-and-mouse thriller where a Belgian Shepherd comes to the rescue. Neatly done. Running time a big plus. Kudos team
#NaaigalJaakirathai sum reading abt commando dogs will help in appreciating the effort. Not that it's necessary, but it makes a difference

DashingHari6 Tweeted

@Sibi_Sathyaraj jst nw wtchd #NaaigalJaakirathai superb movie enjyd but had much feelng sad abt #subramani

Naga Arjun Wrote

Supereyy"@pughalarasu: Mankatha intro scene in #NaaigalJaakirathai . ..whole theatre erupts #Thala masssss.."

Elango Elan Posted

#NaaigalJaakirathai super performance by @Sibi_Sathyaraj and subramani heart melting bgm by @dharankumar_c

Vasanth MalarValavan Tweeted

A Great comeback movie for @Sibi_Sathyaraj
A innovative thinking story presented to Tamil Audiences with Dog Love

Sundar Writes

#NaaigalJaakirathai gud thriller movie with twist!! The real hero of the flim is dog . Worth a watch!!