Adaa Khan and Sudha Chandran share a unique bond on "Naagin" sets. Pictured: "Naagin" actress Adaa Khan
Adaa Khan and Sudha Chandran share a unique bond on "Naagin" sets. Pictured: "Naagin" actress Adaa KhanVarinder Chawla

Colors' weekend show "Naagin," which has been ruling the TRP charts, is leaving no stone unturned to entertain its viewers with unpredictable twists and turns. According to a Telly Chakkar report, viewers will witness an interesting drama in the upcoming weekend when Rithik (Arjun Bijlani) will marry Sesha (Adaa Khan).

The report stated that it would be Yamini (Susha Chandran) who would plan to get Rithik and Sesha married so as to break the unity of the two sisters, Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Sesha. On the occasion of Ritik-Shivanya's sixth month wedding anniversary, Yamini would plan to send Shivanya to kill Ankush. During Shivanya's absence, Sesha would once again transform herself into Shivanya and attend the party. But to Sesha's shock, Yamini would plan a surprise wedding for Rithik and Shivanya yet again.

"Yamini and Ankush will plot to trap Shivanya and Sesha on the occasion of Ritik-Shivanya's sixth month wedding anniversary. Yamini will first provoke Shivanya by indirectly conveying to her that Ankush does not have his protective ring on his finger. While Shivanya would go behind Ankush to kill him, Sesha will yet again get into the avatar of Shivanya and will be present at the party hosted by Yamini for Ritik's wedding anniversary," a source told the web-portal.

"However, Sesha will receive a shock when Yamini will choose a moment when Shivanya is away, and will plan for a surprise ghatbandhan and wedding yet again for Ritik and Shivanya," the source added.

It remains to be seen if Sesha goes through the wedding rituals or reveals her truth. Will Yamini succeed in creating misunderstanding between the two sisters? Only time will tell.

In other news, "Naagin" will soon draw the curtains and the makers are gearing up for the next instalment of the popular show. The show's producer Ekta Kapoor has decided to retain the lead actresses Mouni and Adaa for the second part. However, it is yet to be decided if Arjun will be part of the second season.