Mouni Roy slapped Rithvik Dhanjani? Pictured: Mouni Roy at an event.
Mouni Roy slapped Rithvik Dhanjani? Pictured: Mouni Roy at an event.IANS

Looks like things are not well between Mouni Roy and her "So You Think You Can Dance" co-host Rithvik Dhanjani. According to reports, Mouni hit Rithik while shooting for an upcoming episode of the dance reality show.

While this piece of news will shock the readers, it should be mentioned that Mouni had hit Rithvik in jest, but it didn't turned out as planned.

According to a report, the upcoming episode of the dance reality show will see participants using props as part of their dance acts. One of the contestants was performing with a mannequin and Mouni, in an attempt to add some fun to the show, hit Rithik with the hand of the mannequin. Unfortunately, the incident left Rithik with a swollen face. In fact, the actor had to shoot the remaining episode with the swollen face.

"The upcoming episode will see contestants dancing with various props to show their dancing talent. One of the contestants Tarun was performing with a mannequin. To add some fun to the proceedings, Mouni slapped Rithvik with the hand of the mannequin without realising that the prop was very heavy," a source told

In other news, Mouni's popular show "Naagin" came to an end on Sunday, June 5. Talking about the success of the supernatural show, Mouni told the Times of India: "Every song ends, but it doesn't mean that you don't enjoy it while it's playing. It was a roller-coaster ride. The show was tough, but the returns have been big."

Mouni also said she was initially unsure about being a part of the show when it was offered to her. "I was torn between doing it and not doing it. Before this, I had done 'Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev' , where I played a goddess. Though Naagin is not a mythological but a fantasy fiction show, I wasn't sure if I should keep working in this genre where I play a non-human character. But then I thought that it was the first time that a show like this was being made and that too on such a grand scale. Plus it was a finite series. So the first time I went for the narration, I knew I had to do it," she said.