Jyothika in Naachiyaar
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Bala never likes to take up tried-and-tested subjects or a story that has huge commercial value. He wants his films to deal with sordid realities and leave an everlasting impression in the minds of viewers. His strong belief has reaped good results for him on many occasions, as films like Pithamagan and Sethu not only won critical acclaim but also tasted commercial success.

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Now, Bala is returning with Naachiyaar. Surprisingly, he has not chosen a powerhouse performer for the role of the lead. He has opted for GV Prakash Kumar, who has so far proven his mettle in acting in only comedy films. But for the important role of a cop, he has roped in Jyothika for her third film after she made a comeback.

The movie drew the viewers' attention with the first looks. In one poster, Jyothika gave an impression of being a fearless woman with her right hand in a sling and a cut on her forehead. In the other poster, she appeared like a typical Indian woman bathing her baby even as GV Prakash looked on.

Naachiyaar caught the people's attention big time after the teaser was released. It was a power-packed clip that impressed the cine-goers instantly. But the cussword mouthed by Jyothika created a controversy and subsequently a case was filed against the team. Iit turned out to be a boon in disguise for the flick as it gave the film free publicity.

GV Prakash in Naachiyaar
GV Prakash in Naachiyaar.PR Handout

Later, the viewers' curiosity around the film was further spiked with gripping trailer.

The storyline is reportedly inspired by the life of a psychopathic killer from 80s. GV Prakash plays the role of a fruit seller and a criminal. Newcomer Ivana will be seen as his wife in the flick, which has Ilaiyaraaja's music, Sathish Suriya's editing and Eshwar's editing.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3


Bala's movie is garnering positive reviews from the critics and netizens. People, who have watched the movie, have emphasised that the flick has a strong content backed by some solid performances from the cast. Check out here what the audience say about Bala's flick:

Sreedhar Pillai

#Naachiyaar 3/5. #Bala's all new format of a 100 minute movie, is gripping and racy with superb performances from lead actors - @gvprakash #Jo & #Ivana. @gvprakash is fabulous in those early romantic blushes, final breakdown & reconciliation scenes.

Kaushik LM

#Naachiyaar - It's most definitely @gvprakash's takeoff as an 'actor'. As the local north Madras boy Kathu, he aces it all - lingo, body language, dirty look & costumes, uninhibited expressions & emotional scenes. He can be proud of this. Awards knocking #Bala factor worked!
#Naachiyaar - 3.25/5. Really liked the first half where #RajaSir worked wonders with his BGM. @gvprakash & debutante #Ivana are extraordinary throughout, as the teen lovers. Both deserve awards Overall, it's an emotional drama with an element of suspense & a positive climax.
#Naachiyaar 2nd half - #Jyothika channels her Chandramukhi rage, as the violent, righteous cop. Her police investigation scenes take prominence. The emotional ending lifts the show. It's a feel good climax for a change. Not the usual disturbing, shocking, gut-wrenching Bala film

Surendhar MK:

#Naachiyaar: Bala's use of religion as a metaphor serves the plot sensibly. The Muslim marriage procession, and the inside jokes are nicely done. Runtime of the film at just 110 minutes makes it easily overlook any other issues.
#Naachiyaar: Easily, Bala's most lightweight film. A simple emotional drama which deals about a sensitive issue in a matter-of-fact tone. @gvprakash delivers career-best performance. #Jyotika oozes swag with her badass attitude in the role of a hot-headed cop. #Ilaiyaraja ✌️


#Naachiyaar. Congrats @gvprakash brother , you have graduated as a solid performer, hard work shows on screen. Biggest plus is the duration, simple plot with clean narration. So far solid although love portions lags a bit.

Nagarjun J A

#Naachiyaar - Simple story and neat screenplay✌
@gvprakash now u have proved urself as an actor
Great performance.. Keep going
Congrats @gvprakash bro


Fabulous Performance By @gvprakash as #kaathu.
New comer #ivana rocked.
#Jyothika rocking as a bold cop.
Not a typical One of Director Bala. But a different attempt.
On the whole a Superb emotional thriller with a message.
BGM outstanding. Go for it.


#Naachiyaar interval - Good going so far with a nice twist .
#Naachiyar - Different attempt from bala with good screenplay. 2nd half is far better than 1st half. But for me it has #VazhakkuEnn hangover.

Rahul Ramesh

#baladirector #Naachiyar an excellent film with its as usual bala characteristics and bala stricking his chord with his usual with a movie that all audiences can watch !! #Jyotika mastered her role and @gvprakash , his best release till date !! Rating - 3.5/5


#Naachiyaar - the greatness of this film lies in its simplicity. Brilliant performances by @gvprakash #Jyothika & Ivana.Needless fuss created for the apt cuss word used by Jo in the teaser, Naachiyaar indeed gives the perfect punishment for cruelties happening against women
#Naachiyaar - @gvprakash as the innocent #Kaathu is brilliant, easily his best performance. Loving this crisp Bala film. So far so good
#Naachiyaar first half - Bala once again has touched the lifestyle of simple people with an adolescent romance and an investigative crime angle. @gvprakash shines, Jyothika as the no-nonsense cop looks majestic. Newcomer Ivana is a great find. BGM by Ilaiyaraaja

Ramesh Bala

#Naachiyaar [3.25/5]: A hard-hitting film..
#Jyotika is Brilliant as the tough cop..
@gvprakash delivers his career best performance..
#Ivana the new gal makes impressive debut..
Dir #Bala has made a toned down version.. Has feel-good moments and raw..
A Good Movie!
#Naachiyaar 1st Half: Interesting so far.. @gvprakash dominates the proceedings with impressive performance.. #Jyotika not much screen time.. Whenever she comes, she is

Bharath Yogesh

Director #Bala redefines a character
He totally changes them, a whole new level acting will be seen from #Jyothika and @gvprakash ,
A few more hours...Jyothika she's
Gonna rock the screens,waiting

Karthick Mersal

Good Movie @gvprakash. I think this is ur Best acting Bro
Nice movie by bala sir. #Naachiyar

Sathish Kumar M

#Naachiyaar is not yet another usual #Bala movie which will make you cry in most of the scenes. Screenplay was different from his earlier movies with good dialogues. @gvprakash & #Ivana (Female lead) have acted well. #Jyotika completely impresses as a powerful cop #PenSingam ‬
#Naachiyar First half -Just 50 Mins with an expected twist in the interval. @gvprakash Gvprakash has acted well. Waiting for #Jytoika to take over in the 2nd half

Balaji Duraisamy

#Naachiyaar Interval: So far good and engaging with impressive performances of @gvprakash and #Jyothika. Solid interval block, looking forward for the 2nd HALF !!

Christopher Kanagaraj

#Naachiyaar - Simple plot, gud background music & superb perf from Jo & Ivana. GVP has tried to giv his best. Film duration is just 99 mins. 1st half Luv portions r dull, picks up during interval, with gud 2nd hlf. Its neither a hard hitting typical Bala film nor a commercial 1.

USA தமிழன்‏ @tsudhans

#Naachiyar - Okaish 1st half with some slow scenes and good 2nd half with interesting screenplay. Jyothika acting sema in police role and GV Prakash 'acting' is good in new makeover. New heroine acting Superb This time not much 'Kodura scenes' from Bala. Decent one. Watchable


#Naachiyaar: Brisk, no-nonsense film that puts across it's message beautifully. Loved the way that Bala has handled his subject, a hard-and-fast approach. With neat performances, it goes down as a must-watch. Go see it.
#Naachiyaar Interval: Already halfway through, going good so far. Interesting, delicate plot dealt with sharp turns, specially at the intermission point. #Jyothika & @gvprakash are both impressive with never-seen-before makeovers, newcomer Ivana is a great find!
#Naachiyaar: While #Jyothika is apt in the role of a stiff but still caring cop, @gvprakash surprises one and all with his best performance yet. In a totally new getup, he shines in both the emotional and the comic sequences along with the impressive newcomer Ivana.
#Naachiyaar: After quite a while, it's nice to see a positive film from #Bala with it's intent in the right direction. What starts off with some comic sequences transforms quickly into an engaging suspense frisk.
#Naachiyaar: The runtime of the film at less than 2 hours is one of it's biggest assets. Kudos to Bala for cutting away any unnecessary footage. #Ilaiyaraaja's music too, gives the film what it needs and doesn't overdo anything.


Really awesome movie.. BGM stands great strength.. Good treatment by #Naachiyaar fantastic act by @gvprakash .. But I like definition of new India Must watch movie of the year #Bala rocked on new style..