Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have apparently encountered a bug, which has led to missing text messages on the phones. The issue has reportedly affected many users of the handsets, regardless of the carrier they are using.

It's still unclear what exactly caused the issue while Samsung also hasn't made any official comment on the matter. Meanwhile, a lot of users have complained about the anomaly, claiming that the text messages on their Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ handsets are either delayed or they don't arrive at all.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung is yet to comment on the issue.International Business Times, India

There are multiple threads on Reddit where affected Galaxy S8 users have shared their experiences. According to them, they have experienced the same issue on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, suggesting that the missing texts issue is not a carrier-specific problem.

The issue also doesn't seem to be limited to a specific messaging app as users have claimed that the problem occurred on different platforms, including Samsung's default Messaging app, Android Messages and Textra.

Some affected users have reportedly tried fixing the issue by turning off Advanced Messaging in the default messaging app, but that didn't get the job done.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Many users have complained about the issue.International Business Times, India

"I have a s8+ and for the past month I have only received about half of the texts my wife sends me. At first I blamed her poor choice of a phone (iPhone) but just now my brother informed me he had been messaging me and I haven't received any of them and he has a Google pixel," one user said on Reddit.

Another user, who uses an unlocked Galaxy S8+ on AT&T, said that he could "receive some and have some that do not come through even though they show as sent from the senders."

"My S8 just started missing random texts as well. I switch around SMS apps all the time so I was thinking that it might be Pulse or something, but this kind of thing can be tough to pinpoint. is it my network? is it an app? is it the phone? I'm really not sure," said another user.

While it's unclear if and when Samsung will issue a fix, the unexpected problem has definitely irked many users. Have you also been noticing missing test messages on your Galaxy S8? Let us know in the comments below.