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 "Mystery Bangs" heard in UK and US over the days have triggered conspiracy theories.Reuters

Mysterious loud banging noises heard over the weekend as well as on Sunday in some parts of the United kingdom and reportedly in some corners of the United States have created panic and frenzy online triggering a spate of conspiracy theories.

While many thought that the noises -- that first appeared on Saturday night --were fireworks, there were no flashes in the sky. Others suggested that it could be a noise emanating from a new kind of fighter jet being tested by the US with a 'pulse detonation engine'.

As the buzz grew in social networking sites with many people reporting hearing the noise from different parts of the country, and one reportedly from the United States, many thought this could be sign of an extraterrestrial alien visit of some description or an apparent attempt by such forces to attack the earth.

Still more interesting is that some section of the population believes that it is a spiritual sign from God that the 'end of time' has come. A religious blog 'The End Time' says that the mysterious 'booms' are "lighter manifestations of spiritual warfare we happen to hear on this side of the veil, or the preparations God is making for imminent Tribulation judgments," notes Metro.

"Sort of like the bumps and shudders throughout a house when furniture is being moved around. Nothing that is happening on that side of the veil is happening accidentally or chaotically, of course, but as evil rises I picture the throes and feverish pitch of good angels fighting fallen angels, and the preparations for the climactic end season of man's time on earth."

Also interesting is to note how people online are urging people to "wake up" to what indeed appears to be like some sort of a 'divine intervention' that is seeking to communicate something with human kinds.

"#LoudBangs heard in UK and the US at the same time?! C'mon, wake up people?!" screamed Joanne Trueman via Twitter early on Monday.

"What's with all these #loudbangs being heard in UK & USA at same time last night& tonight? Aliens or Santo trying a new #supersonicslay?" said Ross Mitchell.

Another popular theory is that it could be some sort of a controlled explosion being carried out by police – but London has denied this as the noises were also heard in Aberdeen – northern extreme of the country.

Some think it could be aircraft sonic booms from Russian airships that have been performing 'routine military exercises' in the English Channel. Another theory also pointed toward 'fracking' while others said some space debris could have entered Earth's atmosphere.

However, the mystery continues to baffle many people online.