A mysterious species of clear blooded fish has been discovered in a Japan aquarium, reported Agence France-Presse.

The species of the Ocellated Ice Fish which lives in the freezing waters of Antarctic Ocean has clear blood running throughout its body.

It has no scales and is possibly the only vertebrate in the world without haemoglobin, making it an exceptional species.

Researchers believe that the fish which lives 3300 feet deep under water absorbs oxygen through its skin from the rich Antarctic waters.

An advanced evolutionary mechanism might have helped it to adapt to the absence of haemoglobin.

However, it is of much wonder as to how the fish survives since haemoglobin is responsible for circulating oxygen throughout the body.

Many scientists are assuming that the large heart of the fish helps the blood plasma to circulate oxygen in its body.

But otherwise, researchers have very little knowledge of the unique species which was brought in by the fishermen and stored in an aquarium in Japan.

Education specialist Santoshi Tada of the facility told AFP, "Luckily, we have a male and a female, and they spawned in January." 

Tada added that more studies would need to be conducted to ascertain as to the fish lacks haemoglobin.

The newly discovered cold water species functions normally like any other normal species of fish in warm water even without the presence of hemoglobin in its body.