Though the next season of NBC's procedural comedy-drama series "The Mysteries of Laura" has not been confirmed yet, there is a significant possibility that NBC will green light the renewal of the series for a third season.

According to Carter Matt, the show has an "amazing staying power" and hence, fans should be positive regarding the series' return.

The website has stated that a long-term threat to the series can establish an emotional relationship between the show and the viewers as it makes the overall setting more interesting.

Till now, there has been no actual antagonist or rival to Laura (portrayed by Debra Messing) in the show. Hence, if there is a villain with as significant role in the series as Laura's the audience will surely like to watch how the story develops in that case in the upcoming season.

Though the show is not a serious crime drama, it would still garner more positive response with new interesting characters added to it in order to avoid staleness and loss of interest among the fans.

Laura is undoubtedly a brilliant role model to several people who know her and interact with her in one way or another. One of the many traits about her that make her a fan-favourite is, she never hesitate to put her life in danger to save people or whenever the situation demands so.

Though the show has a comedic theme, Laura is always shown to be a responsible character who respects her duty calls and is resourceful at the same time; more reasons why viewers like to join her on her many adventures.

Besides that, it would be also great if fans get to witness a previously unseen fact about Laura as it will surely add more drama and depth to the story. Though the next season is still under consideration, if NBC decides to renew it, fans would love to see the above mentioned perspectives in the story.